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Let’s Look At The Top 100 Secret Steemit Questions And Answer Them.

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Let’s Dig Right In And Answer The Top 100 Questions That People Have In Regards To Steemit And Steem! You Ready? Let’s Go..

  1. What Is Steem? Steem is a digital currency. Steem Is Lighting Fast And Has No Transaction Fees! Extremely Secure.
  2. What Is Steemit? Steemit Is A Blogging Platform That Allows Community Members To Upvote Yoru Content To Determine The Value Of That Content And How Much Steem you receive for your work creating the content. Steemit is a place to create your digital wallet and access your passwords/keys to your wallet. You can also trade Steem on the internal market at https://Steemit.com
  3. How does Steemit Work? The simplest explanation is that the system allows members to create content and determine the value of that content. The rewards pool is a predetermined amount created instead of mined to save the planet. Digital currency like Bitcoin consumes enough electrical power when mining to provide everyone electricity in a small country for a year. Steemit is green, is faster and safer for the environment. Steemit issues a pre-determined amount of digital currency per year to help stabilize the markets.
  4. How Does Steem Have Value? According to their website It is exactly like Steem That Tokens. It is essentially a point system. Because you can buy and sell them on an internal market and they are on a block chain with a ledger people often buy them and hold them in hopes that their value will go up. Steem can also be traded on some exchanges which helps.  There have been video games designed around a similar concept. Where a limited amount or in game resources were available and markets were created where users could trade or buy and sell as they need those resources.
  5. How do some users publish a generic picture from pixabay and get hundreds of dollars? This is often a scam by some people referred to as whales. They will often upvote a bunch of fake accounts that do this and then send all of the rewards back to themselves. Sounds fair right? It isn’t and that is why flagging was created. However whales are scared to flag each other because many of them abuse the system in the same way. Others are just scared of retribution so not much is done about these cheats on the system. However, if a minnow uses a promotion bot to actually spend the currency and send it from one party to another actual party for the trade of goods or services all hell sometimes breaks lose and you might get flagged. So stupid. Just be careful
  6. Why do my posts never get 1.000 In Upvotes and I spend hours and others you can tell copied and pasted someone elses work and have hundreds? Please refer to above about how Steemit works. The community determines who gets how much of the rewards pool. By allowing these people to do this and get huge rewards the community is encouraging this behavior. I highly advise against it but clearly this is the preferred method of work and is highly rewarded by the community. You are better off for the long haul to create original factual content and hope and pray that Steemit Inc puts a stop to these abuses as the community is failing. Over time you will see that many invests hundreds of dollars using promotion upvote bots or the promote post button or by actually paying whales to upvote them.
  7. How do you earn tokens? The best way to earn them is by writing high quality comments and articles that are relevant and that the community agrees with. Sometimes controversial content will do well but rarely is this the case. Some earn by curating which is a fancy word for upvoting. There are strategies that can help and automated services that can assist with this. Curation/Upvoting doesn’t pay very well at all when you are new.
  8. Why do I not have any voting Power? There are a few reasons that this is possible. You lose voting power when you upvote comments or posts. It takes time to re-generate your voting power. This is so people do not just auto Upvote every single post which was allowed early on. Now you can Up-vote at 100% about 10 Times per day and maintain your 100% power. If you upvote to fast your power will drain. As you get more Steem Power you will get a slider bar which will allow you to select your voting power per Upvote. You can then select 10% so effectively multiplying how many upvotes you can cast to 100 per day. The amount of rewards granted per your Upvote is based on your Steem Power Total And Your Power % of Upvote.
  9. Another solid reason you have no power especially if you are 100% sure you have not been up voting is because you signed up for a scam service. Yes there are plenty of places that do not disclose that they use your voting power to upvote their posts and their friends posts and witness posts and their friends posts. It is hard to narrow it down so just visit Steem connect2.0 and remove all authorizations and re-authorize one at a time to find the scammers. You will be shocked at how many of the places you first signed up to that appeared to be helping you with minnow support and followers etc were actually stealing your votes. You didn’t know and they would take advantage of you.
  10. Do people Scam you on Steemit? Be aware that many apps also take a percentage or your earnings because you posted through them. Hey, I’m fine with that, It just needs to be disclosed so that people clearly understand how much they are giving up to be convenient. Most will not care and still use the service. The scammy part is when they increase this without disclosure and you are scratching your head, wondering why you earned 20 in upvotes but only got 10 total received. 25% went to the upvoters/curators and 75% went to you… 7.50 and 2.50 were paid out…. who got the other 10?
  11. Is there an etiquette guide? Yes and No.. Someone I think created one but this really goes against the whole decentralized nature of Steemit. Some things obviously should be immediately stopped. Plagiarism of others works should receive zero rewards if it is a copy and paste situation. Single Image Posts that are just stock images with zero content submitted solely for the purpose of draining the rewards pool should not be allowed. Repeated Spamming of the Same Post Over And Over Should Be No Payouts And The Same With Comment spammers that spam comments then have a bot go and upvote all of those comments. This is ridiculous and hurts the whole platform. That is about all of the rules that should apply to stay true with the original founders visions. All of these other crazy restrictions just lead to people leaving and should not be sanctioned as this isn’t Reddit and most here hate all of the rules and moderators. Just not how most of us roll. The community meaning more than one or two people could come together and flag crazy behavior if they choose to do so. Most have zero balls and would not stand up to a whale for anything. I’m a minnow and could care less. If you are a crap turd draining the rewards pool you are a crap turd no matter what your rank or position in life is. Some people are just crappy selfish people and possible should just be banned and their funds stripped from them and equally allocated back into the pool. 90% vote of all members could force something like this possibly.
  12. What is Steem Power? Steem Power Is Not Steem! Many will try to use the words interchangeably as one does convert to the other but they are not the same thing. It is convenient though to explain it this way. I often do so as to not confuse the crap out of people. Steem Power is really Vests and convertible to Steem via a powerdown. The payout period at the time of the writing is 13 equal payments for the amount you want to power down. I personally after hitting 100 SP stay in Power Down Mode And Use My Steem To Work For Me. This strategy is beta and not discussed as it is my tip secret strategy I’m testing. Most leave it in. If you want some liquidity especially if you bought your Steem and powered it up/ converted it into Vest/ Steem Power then this might be an option to get your initial investment back liquid and once that is complete cancel the power down. I like having half liquid as it doesn’t pay crap as an investment when you are small. You can use your steem to lease delegated steem in chunk for a month and set-up an auto curator and do well when you are a minnow verses leaving it doing crap for you. So far it is working I actually maintain my steem power and get some liquid Steem out. Not bad right?
  13. What Is Steem Power Used For? Why Do I Need Steem Power? This is an excellent question. You need some Steem Power for your account to let you post or comment or upvote I think. Some of this stuff changes from time to time and the docs are often over 1 year old so you know that things have changed since then. Steem Power Serves To Purposes As A User And Several For The Steemit Platform. You win with Steem Power because it determines how awesome your upvote will be for your followers. Since people tend to hang out in similar circles of power the better your upvote power the better upvotes you will receive. This is mainly because smart members realize that you only get about 10 per day so spend them wisely. I would use them all every day if I were you and once you get enough Steem Power to get the slider set your voting power to 10% and cast 100 Upvotes per day. Your Steem Power impacts how much your curation rewards are also. When I have done analysis of the top curators on Steemit There appeared to be 2 strategies deployed. One – Spread It Around Limit Risks And Keep The Amount Of Upvotes Per Day Lower around 10 -20 on average so your upvote power would be highest and hope to garner a lions share of the curation rewards because of this… The other was similar but voting far more often with smaller percentages. Which works best when you have low Steem Power? This is up for debate. Maybe upvoting comments and avoid the post game all together? It is possible.
  14. Should I really build a large following before posting content? I have mixed views on this for several reasons. The more followers doesn’t equate to higher rewards as you would think or as many lead you to believe. The old Quality over Quantity applies here but that also leads to risk as if you tick off a few great followers you might not have the enough support from the other remaining to make it worth your while. Having active followers is essential. This doesn’t mean that they upvote you or comment. By active I mean they actually post and comment more than once a month. If they are regular active users you will win them over one day with high quality content. Or some pictures of half naked bikini babes. Or half Naked Muscular Dudes in Speedos.. I’m joking but these have worked for many just to get noticed. Such a dirty trick.
  15. Should I comment and stuff before I write my first post? Let me level with you. I think this is a good strategy. I had over 200 followers when I wrote my introduction post. I received 0.23 in up-votes and almost quit because I had worked hard commenting. I got paid a whole lot more by providing real comments on the introduce yourself posts than I did writing posts. You do what you want to. If you want to get those hundred plus dollar upvotes having some active followers that will resteem, comment and upvote is a must. Spending a large chunk of SBD on Promotion Upvote Bots and Rallying all of your friends from places like SteemThat.com will help get you there. You need to get your post on the hot page and then spend enough to bust onto the trending page. This can be done if enough natural folks jump on and upvote, comment and resteem. Your friends will want to especially if you let them know you are going to boost the post. They will jump in early and get some good curation rewards. People are always saying you shouldn’t be here just for the money but those same people do a lot of things based on how they benefit the most. You can do the promote post also but this SBD doens’t get put into circulation which is stupid.
  16. Which person that failed economics decided to destroy the SBD from Promote a Post? They might should quit Steemit. A currency dies if it doesn’t have a utility purpose or a store of value. Steem hardly is a great store of value so it needs to be utilized. If it gets created and simply destroyed this can actually deflate the currency.
  17. WHAT IS NSFW? This is an acronym for Not Safe For Work. If you don’t want to see porn you need to make sure this you set to hidden. This is the default but many are not aware of what this means and might turn it to show NSFW and then find their feeds have things they would rather not see.
  18. What is Steem Delegation? This one comes up a lot since we built the first Delegation Tool available for everyone to delegate Steem Power To whoever they like in about 3 seconds. Steem Power Delegation is letting another user borrow it. They don’t actually take possession of it but they get the benefit from it. So if you donate 1000 Steem Power to me I would be able to Upvote 10 members per day at 0.100 if I up-voted each one at 100%. So How Long Does Steem Power Delegation Take To Pay For Itself. There are alot of factors to be considered It is very difficult to break even or earn a profit from leasing Steem Power. Now some companies are leasing larger amounts of Steem Power for the same 1 Steem but it is difficult to win over short distances with this. If you decided to lease Steem Power Delegation from others I advise at minimum send 4 Steem with the number 4 in the memo line. This will allow you to get  a chunk of Steem Power for a month. But before you do this know how to calculate everything and have it automated to upvotes and write posts etc. It takes money make money so the more you have the better off you are to earn some as when you spend more you get more.
  19. Why do I have different payout options and which should I use as a minnow? This is a great question. The 50/50 Option gives you some SBD back along with paying the reward in Steem Power.  This can help you if you plan on using Post Promotion Upvote Bots Or Promote Post. You will generally not break even on the amount of SBD you earn back from this. If you do you did really well. Because you also earned Steem Power that can be converted back into SBD to see what your actual earnings were on a post. The 100% option is often used by people who are just taking their earning straight to the Steem Power Bank essentially. Your funds are locked up for 13 weeks this way. Some says that it shows your commitment to the platform . Who knows what the right way to do it is really. There are many variables you will have to see what works best for you and your style. Declining Payout Means You Will Not Be Rewarded For Writing.
  20. Should I use all 5 tags? Yes 100% always use all 5 tags.
  21. More Will Be Added Soon!

Since we started writing this guide there have been some amazing developments. Now Steemit finally has a frequently asked question section if you can find it.

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