Why SteemWorld Is The Only Data App You Need For Steemit.com

Recently a member of SteemThat.com refreshed my memory about a great tool that every Steemian needs. Bobby Bobinson a new witness that could use your vote for witness, shared with me again STEEM WORLD.

What Can SteemWorld Do For You?

There is a ton of secret hidden data about your Steem account that you might not ever see unless you use SteemWorld. Why steemit.com and the steem block chain wants to keep this data a secret is a mystery to me. One thing I know for certain is that this one Tool almost replaces all other data tools. Some only want to see a few stat about there accounts so we will keep writing articles about all we find but this is truly a TOP NOTCH STEEMIT TOOL.

Want To See What It Looks Like Before You Visit? Want To See A Few Features We Use EveryDay? Awesome Let’s Look.


The front dash board is modern and slick with an awesome graph/chart that shows what your upvote is worth and you can see what your voting power % is. Why do you need to know this? First of all there are many services that will use your account for voting all of their friends posts. Yep I got suckered in too thinking they would help me grow but in reality they depleted my Upvote Power so much that when I upvote my own followers and posts that I likes I upvoted and gave them nothing. Why do they let these services do this? I don’t know exactly why they do but you can stop them if you know you have not been upvoting and you never have any power, you can revoke their access http://v2.steemconnect.com/revoke .  If you have granted access to multiple places you could do a test and just revoke one at a time and watch it for a week or so. You will see fast who has been stealing your POWER! Another way is to simply use your Original Master Key That You Never Ever Share With Anyone. It was The First Key You Ever Got For Your STEEM account. You can visit and change your password and this will change all of your active keys… https://steemit.com/change_password. Just be sure that you treat the new password as your original key now as this will be needed possibly in the future. I suggest make a text file and sending it to a usb stick for future use.

Ok Mr. SteemThat Thanks For Ratting People Out Maybe That Is Why Some Developers Don’t Want To Be Here…I’ll Call Them Out When They Are Stealing From People. On To The Next Big Thing You Can See And Why It Is Important.

See Delegations Of Steem Power.



There are many services that would rather you never see most of the top secret Steemit data.  For good reason this tool doesn’t show up on any lists. It shows so much information that you can’t get anywhere else. Why isn’t this information readily available to every user? Thanks to SteemThat.com and the awesome tool/app makers it is now.

The delegation tool that SteemThat.com recently launched is powerful. Instead of one place holding all of the power when it comes to delegation of Steem Power now anyone can donate to anyone within a few seconds. How do you know who has delegated Steem Power To You? How Do You Know How Much? How Do You See Who You Donated To? Now you can see who is backing who and who is backing you! It is so easy to see With SteemWorld.org. Couple that with SteemThat.com Delegation Tool And Now You Are In Business.

What Else Can This Power Tool Do?

You can see all of your followers and update from here.

You can see your recent posts and comments data

You can see all off the Top Secret Account Data They Don’t Want You TO Know!

And You Can See Never Before Seen Steem Thats Like These..


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