Why do you get out of breath when you walk up the stairs?

Good question! In this section, the Health Network looks for the answer to nagging questions. This time: Why do you get out of breath when you walk up the stairs even if you are fit?
You go to the gym regularly, walk 5 kilometers hard with ease, and do not turn your hand for strength training either. But you still get out of breath when climbing the stairs. How can this be done?

The good news is that it is very normal. It does not mean that you are out of shape. Because your heart rate goes up during climbing stairs, you need more oxygen.

Unless you do daily workouts on the stairs or do hill training, you will continue to pant as you take the stairs. When climbing a staircase you use more muscles than when exercising or running. You actually do a kind of lunges up and you have gravity against you. You have to lift your whole body weight.

Work harder
If you want to see improvement, you will have to make your training heavier and add intensity to your workout. So do regular exercises for the legs, such as squats and lunges . This is how you imitate the movement of climbing stairs and will eventually become a lot easier.

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