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Eric Binkley Soon I'm going to launch a few DAPPS on - I'm working on several top secret projects that even the Steemish Teamish or Dev group know nothing about. This world is fierce with competition and I think we have a mole. But the DAPPS will allow you to buy Steemish directly from This will also allow someone to create an Ethereum Wallet Address With Key Pairs Etc.
1 week ago
Eric Binkley Until I'm done with this high level development you can Easily Add MetaMask Extension to Firefox or Chrome Browsers and Create wallet addresses and name them etc.
1 week ago
Eric Binkley I really should make some videos of how easy it is to use. Steem is nice but when their nodes are down how do you get your currency? If our website goes down you always have access to your Stish as it is in your Wallet.
1 week ago
Eric Binkley Soon if you have meta mask you can buy direct from 7 days away maybe.
1 week ago

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Funny Family Guy Building Something For Everyone To Be Able To Grow On The Founder Of " Helping Steemians Gorw!" and The Creator of Stish currently traded on Radex @ | How Minnows Build A Whale Pool!


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