Where To Trade Steem The Crypto Currency

I’m kind of new to crypto currency. Not as new as many people reading this article but still I consider myself a noob. There are so many topics to be discussed within the crypto currency space and I’m not going to pretend to have a bunch of the answers. As I learn more about things I will certainly share. As I can garner attention from people who are a lot smarter than me I will ask them to guest author or become a regular content creator here at SteemThat.com.

Where Can I Trade Steem The Crypto Currency That I Get From Steemit.com?

People ask me this a lot especially after I have spoken to them about Steemit and how it is changing people lives around the world. Everyday I speak to real life people and share my own Steemit Experience. There are several people that have joined and have since asked me, “Where Can I Trade My Steem?”

Currently There Are 4 Exchanges That Trade Steem And 1 Hybrid Exchange That Deals With Steem. Let’s Look At The 4 Regular Crypto Currency Exchanges And Then The One That I Call A Hybrid Exchange.

These are not in any particular order but I do use the first one personally and can tell you that I have had success using it on a regular bases. I have tried the others but like I mentioned I’m no expert at crypto currencies and I’m sure they all have their pros and cons.

  1. BITTREX – The fees for transactions have been fair to me and I have had very few hiccups here. You can see the BITTREX STEEM TRADING CHARTS HERE.
  2. POLONIEX – They trade in steem and I see people post about trading here from time to time but I have never been able to trade here. They always are having issues connecting to the steem wallet or some other error. They do trade in STEEM so I’m thinking it might be a country restriction on my end. See Their Charts Here.
  3. OpenLedger – Many people use OpenLedger to trade steem. They Trade In STEEM and many other currencies. I have no experience dealing with them but assume they are legit because so many people use them. You can see their trading charts here.
  4. ShapeShift – Could Potentially Be Considered A Hybrid Crypto Currency Trading Platform. I have never used ShapeShift to trade crypto currency. There website looks good and it is easy to navigate. At The Time Of This Writing They Show STEEM not available to be traded…I think it is because of my IP address. I have noticed several websites do not allow people from the USA to buy or trade their currency. This might be to avoid all of the legal and financial regulations that make it difficult for a start-up crypto currency to be offered in the United States and some other Countries. It could also be due to the many millionaires that are being made with these crypto currencies and so many countries don’t want their citizens to become one. Either way you can view their website and see if it works for you at ShapeShift.
  5. Changelly – This website I use a lot. Like A Whole Lot. More than any of the other websites for trading crypto. I even wrote a how to guide to buying steem using their service. I consider Changelly a hybrid because it is very modern and doesn’t function like the other crypto trading platforms. Changelly is an instant cryptocurrency exchange providing the best crypto-to-crypto rates on the market. You don’t actually store currency with them like most of the other platforms. I love Changelly because if I need STEEM fast I can buy it with my credit card.
  6. Coinbase – This place doesn’t trade in STEEM but if you are needing to buy some crypto currency to trade for STEEM this is a solid place to do it. You can buy Bitcoin Or Litecoin Or Ethereum from Coinbase and then trade that currency for STEEM. This is the best way to get the best exchange rate.

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