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It wasn’t long after I joined that I would watch the new feed on Steemit and see excellently written posts that were just not going anywhere. Often times  I would go cast an upvote and try to help them out. Being new to Steemit at the time I thought that my upvote was doing something wonderful behind the scenes because their reward amount never budged. “My upvotes must be special…Maybe I signed up at just the right time and I have a secret golden invisible upvote power!” My thoughts were so naive.

It wasn’t until weeks later after spending days jumping around reading tons of outdated stuff that I was royally confused. It was hard to determine if the data I was reading was current or was that the old way before the new way. It was very stressful trying to be a part of Steemit in my first month. Eventually I realized I needed to increase my Steem Power to have a bigger upvote. Until then I would show my appreciation for posts via Upvote Bots. This is the main reason I started SteemThat.com to put useful steemit info all in one place including some cool tools.

Now there is a new white paper and blue paper that clear a lot up and more people have joined and many are doing great things like @jerrybanfield. If you are not following him you should be. He simplifies a lot of the things that are confusing and has great expository videos. All things seem to be moving in a positive direction.

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