Follow The Leader Spyglass Tool

Watch Steemit Accounts Upvote Live.

This tool was not needed anymore. There are many better tools available that do so much more than this one tool. I would suggest all Members of read this auto steem article and set-up their free accounts and use this tool instead. We also usually publish a monthly list of the top curators on in our blog that can be of assistance if you simply want to automate and follow the upvotes of the best curators on

With Auto Steem you can add other members of to your list of writers to upvote and support automatically that way you are always supporting the community that Supports you back. This is a manual way to set it all up and not sacrifice all of your steem power using some other services that do not fully disclose how they use your voting power while you sleep. Once you set-up your account it takes very little effort on your part to maintain it. Thank you for helping your fellow SteemThatians out by adding them to your list.