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We launched markdown language for posts as many really like markdown.

We had tried this once before but many people got confused. The Markdown Editor Is Text. It can format html also but the two do not do well mixed. If you are doing markdown only use text and limit your html to the basics just like on Steemit. 

It is not recommended to switch between visual and text once started. The way our system works switching to Visual Editor Is Not Suggest If Writing In Markdown. It might cause your post to crash and burn in interspace never to be seen again. No Worries at all with html switching between visual and text.

We prefer to publish In HTML which is the higher level language. Markdown must be parsed back into html to render in most browsers so it really isn’t needed in today’s world. If you love it and use it then you love it. If you are not familiar with it then it might be a challenge learning the new language.

Markdown Works For Those Die Hard Markdown Users But Only Works In Text ModeMarkdown Doesn’t Work If You Switch Between Visual And Text Sometimes. We are not changing from HTML but will offer Markdown with these limitations to be used in Text Mode Only.

You can still upload images via add media or manually write the markdown if you so desire. If you want to try markdown there are several helpful guides written about using it.

Thank you

Eric Binkley

Founder Of


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Eric Binkley I'm just not a huge fan. But so many are so markdown is back. I'll be adding it to the social portal soon.
3 months ago