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Steemit so far has been a great experience in many ways for me. The aspect that haunted me was my awful author rewards.

Obviously I looked into this as deeply as possible. Here are my conclusions.

  1. It has nothing to do with post quality. You will be surprised to see some of the posts that generate better rewards. Quality may count but it is small fraction of your rewards.

2.Unless you invest in Steem to get SP, your returns may remain dismal.

  1. Followers don’t matter as much either. Many many people become inactive on steemit. They will still show up in your following. Most of your followers are not vot8ng for you.


I am am not in steemit for money. There is not enough here for anyone to seriously consider this a monetary value generating platform. On the other hand, it is unpalatable that minnows who populate this platform and thus keep steemit going, becomes substrates for parasitic actions of a few. This is why I needed to find ways to add value to my work. Not for money but for moral reasons. I shall not allow my work to benefit OTHERS BEFORE MYSELF on this platform. This is not my general principle in life but it is for a platform where monetary performance is valued. My preference is a symbiotic relationship with Steemit.


I have joined I gave my decision a lot of thought.

I shall explain my decision. The platform is new. It is a community concept that allows all members to benefit. You can expect better rewards right away. I have come to know the people who have made the platform possible. You can expect sincerity from them and truly hard work.

This is my first post that I am able to write directly on the platform. The platform is more like Microsoft word and thus much easier to do a better job for most of us who don’t know all the HTML codes at all times.

For any minnow to be successful, besides good content production, you need community support. @binkley somewhere once remarked that his initial goals included posts through to get at least to a dollar. That is a lofty lofty goal. I fully support it.

I wish all the success.

I highly encourage people to join this platform. You don’t have to be a minnow to join. You can be a whale who appreciates the great efforts of


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