Steem That Travel
Steem That Travel

What kind of a website would be without a travel section for writers to share the joy of adventure…Hey, Wait A Minute…Where are all of the posts? Oh That is right…No one has written any Travel posts yet…They will or you will. Go ahead, dominate your space. 

  • Ice Fountain Constantly Changing - This fountain is located in Zyuratkul national park near the Ural mountains. The fountain is constantly altering the ice formation due to a jet of water which soars to about 10 meters. The ice formation only occurs in the colder months so if you are expecting to see this magnificent sight go in winter. The ice has a bluish hue and creates a sculpture of about 14 meter high. The ...
  • Photography - Name: Sunset Photography Category: Mobile Photography Location: Dhaka Bangladesh Device: Samsung Galaxy S6 If you like my photography feel free to upvote and comment Click Here to See My exciting Photography  
  • Beautiful sights in Micronesia - There are numerous nations on the planet that can not gloat on an extensive number of sightseers going by them. Some of these states are situated on islands. The state, generally called basically Micronesia, is an island state in the Pacific Sea. It is a standout amongst the most broadened nations on the planet – 607 Micronesian islands are situated in a zone of 2.7 thousand square kilometers. This nation ...
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