Three Top Secret Steemit Tools That Are Free To Use.

There are 3 almost top secret tools that are free to use.

The reason I use the words “Almost Top Secret” is because these tools are not advertised are broadcast as they should be. These Three Steemit tools can change your life on steemit so you would think everyone would be talking about them.  These Three Steemit tools are available if you dig around or accidentally stumble on them. The only way to find them again is if you bookmarked them unless you remember the url. There are several tools that new people should know about and for this reason I have written this article and will also write and article on steemit. Much better than this I will surprise the steemit world very soon with a new special tool…Learn More Here..(Don’t Forget To Add The Link When The Project Is Complete)

Let’s Look At The First Almost Top Secret Steemit Tool.

When someone mentions your name on Steemit you often have no idea that they did unless it was in a comment of one of your posts or a reply to one of your posts. In my opinion this tool should be integrated into steemit either as a search option or a natural feature next to comments, replies, mentions, rewards. @furion deserves more than a “thank you” for building this tool. For now until the tool gets added into your steemit dashboard you can USE THE MENTIONS TOOL HERE….

This tools helps you see who is talking about you and giving you credit for the posts or other contributions to the steemit social media platform. What I would do with this information is to visit a post that mentions me. (Hopefully it is a positive post) Upvote and Comment if appropriate and for sure follow someone giving you credit. You might even send them some SBD to say thanks.

Take a look at this screen shot that shows how easy this tool is to use. If you know your user name on steemit you can use this tool.

The Steeemit Tool That Lets You See Mentions

This First Steemit Tool Is An Epic Tool Powered by SteemData. Built with ♥ by @furion


Let’s Now Move On To The Second Top Secret Steemit Tool BackLink Checker

Is the exact same tool from number one but using it differently. Instead of adding your user name @steemthat or @binkley you add the link to a post to check steemit for backlinks. Let me explain how to do it first and then you go try to use the steemit backlink checker.

Recently I seen a post about Dtube. I liked it so I upvoted it and resteemed it. Revisiting the post I see that there has been a ton of people who did the same thing. I’ll copy the link of the post and paste it into the Top Secret Steemit tool and see what happens….I see that this tool checks for backinks not resteems or who upvoted. Or at least the way I used the tool made it look just for backlinks…Take a look:

Steemit Tools Back Link Checker


I’m not on the list because the first time I create a backlink using the post by @heimindanger that you see the link for —> was when I hot linked the Dtube in the above paragraph and just now. Now if you search with the tool you will see that I have back linked his post also…Huge thanks to @furion for this tool….Is he a witness? Give him your vote!

The Third Top Secret Steemit Tool You’ll Be Able To Guess Is A Keyword Search Tool.

Did you guess that it was the exact same tool as used in the first top secret steemit tool and the second top secret steemit tool? I bet you did if you already visited before you finished this article. Kinda gotcha on that one maybe. Well let’s look at how this works. The 3rd Top Secret Steemit Tool Is The Keyword Search Tool within the Mentions Tool.

The Keyword search tool is a killer tool if you are doing some search engine optimizations of trying to write some articles around a keyword and you want to scope your competition. This might get into serious blogger syndrome but who cares lets check this tool out.

Steemit Keyword Tool


  • I refer to them as top secret again because they are not talked about enough. I’m working hard over at to compile a current list of the tools steemians must have to be successful on steemit. Additionally I’m writing current guides to help new steemians learn how to use these tools…..end selfish plug….

I’ll share my top secret with you when subscribe to my youtube channel and my dtube channel. Don’t laugh at my low numbers I was shy for a long time…hahaha. Please Connect With Me On Steemit Also. See This Post In It’s Entirety On Steemit.

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