There is a Large Marketing Budget for Steemish Get You Some.

The best thing about is that it was built to focus on helping members grow. Ultimately we grow by helping you grow!

When we created the formula for the Steemish blockchain we wanted to set aside a sizeable portion of funds to allow members to earn even more Stish. Steemish has the symbol Stish and we are working on getting it listed on other exchanges than Proof. Proof is a cool platform though with much to offer it’s members and users. As we can get listed we will get listed and as you might know the fees are ridiculous. We have updated a lot of the information on Etherscan and verified the coding. We also added some personal information to allow for further verification.

There are tons of topics to talk about when writing about

You don’t have to just stay focused on Steemish Or SteemThatTokens Or Liquid Steem That Tokens. You Could write about the rewards pool and how there are flat rate payouts for different tasks. The equitable treatment of writers is what I love to call it. Writers do earn a percentage of how much comments rewards. Liking a post and sharing on other social media platforms is strongly encouraged. With Easy Share Links At The Bottom Of Each Post.

You could write articles about some of the calculators and maybe even some how to guides. You could write articles about the social media platform and your favorite features like groups or giphy. You could even write an article that includes all of the groups that are now available… That would be kind of cool to see on Steemit.

There is the store which will one day accept Steemish for payment and other crypto currencies also. There are features like autoshare and all bot stats.You could write articles that could help other learn ways to use or how to set-up ether wallets.

You just just write a testimonial article about how you used to never get upvotes and now you have so many friends and it all got started thanks to

Get Creative And Feel Free To Grab Some Graphics or Create Some As Needed. Hey we can even reward people with Steemish for designing cool graphics of if they have some coding ideas or tweaks etc. Maybe you have developed a script that does some cool Steemit stuff and you have no place to run it. We can give you some credit and links to your account plus some Steemish for letting us use your code to help other Steemians Out.

If you are promoting please let me know via private message so that we can be sure that you get rewarded for your efforts.

If you do not have a Ethereum erc compliant wallet start working on setting one up. I suggest MyEtherWallet and Meta Mask for Chrome users. This will allow you to accept New ICO tokens like STEEMISH or any others. If you need time to do that but are promoting we can reward you in SteemThat Tokens Or Steem That Liquid Also.

Please Don’t Forget To Send MeĀ  A Private Message So That We Can Verify The Work Performed And Then Reward You With Some Tokens.

Are You A Professional Marketer? Want To Work Your Magic For STEEMISH for a preset amount Of Steemish. Message me @ bionic binkley here on

If you are an excellent writer and can see the value and potential for Steemish please write an article on or explaining it in your words. I have not been very effective at conveying the immense value of the website and the Steemish. I’ll be prepared to Pay 500 Steem That Tokens from my own personal Steem That wallet or the Equivalent Steemish from my personal wallet.

ALL People That Participate Will Be Winners!

You Better Hodl That Stish!

Join The SteemThat Movement Helping People Grow.

Comments Reward You And The Author.

Frederick Stralow

Count me in and you know I have been promoting and have started to promote Steemish. I feel I have been compensated fairly, but that is not why I do what little I do for this community. I do it because was founded by Texans and mostly because I love the idea of helping others and this community does just that. The thing that really makes me love being involved with the Crypto community is that most of them love to share their wealth and their ideas. They love the truth and try to always do the right thing. Thanks again to the Binkley's, Eric and Ms. Dorothy and Lil' Binkley jr. for allowing me to be a part of their world. #Stradog in Gun Barrel City, Texas

5 months ago
Eric Binkley

One thing that makes me want to come here everyday is the wonderful people. No other social media place online has the kinda of good people we have here. We have only 300 members but they are strong supporters of each other and the movement. I'm forever grateful to you and so many others who came here and believed in what we are doing before we even had most of it running. Thank you for sharing this Welcome To Texas Sign Also. Nice Very Nice.

5 months ago
Yemi Adekoya

Nice article

2 months ago