The Top 5 Reasons We All Must Help Grow The Platform

5 Reasons We All Must Help Grow

Our greatest strength is our members. Just 100 People writing an article on Steemit about SteemThat coordinated can have a huge impact. Those same people all sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Steemthat can be huge. Plus on Discord and Telegram or other services to reach the masses. But Why Should You Help Grow┬áLet’s look at the top 5 Reasons members should start making moves now to help grow the platform.

The Number One Reason Will Blow Your Mind.

We are going to try and keep the conversation easy but we are talking about crypto which can be a complex subject. Let’s dive into the number 1 reason you should start helping spread the news about When the platform membership grows the sell of Stish increases which allows us to fund the whale pool and run the platform. The more members that join the more successful the platform will be not just for the creator and founders but for all members.

The 2nd huge reason to start sharing your content on and then sharing that high quality content on other Social Media platforms is really simple. When you create content, especially Full Blog Article Posts, you create valuable content and earn Steem That Rewards Tokens. Your posts get shared within the SteemThat community, on your Stream Feed and in a special section of your profile called “Blog Posts”.

Sure you earn equitable rewards just for creating the content but your rewards can sky rocket when the community interacts and the posts are high quality. The more people that enjoy your content and comment and share the more rewards you will earn on top of the initial fair rewards. Sharing on other social media networks and submitting your article url to search engines etc is just smart.

Even smarter you should purchase SteemThat Blog Articles Featured Ads to make sure your high quality post gets as much exposure as possible. Make a name for yourself fast and earn even more rewards. Funds From The Sale Of SteemThat Blog Articles Featured Ads also help fund the Whale pool that also supports writers posts on Better than that you also purchase Stish unless you pay With Stish! Keeps the currency moving!

This leads us right into the 3rd Reason you should be promoting When you help others get what they want you will get what you want. You know that has a real social media network that can help you monetize your blogging or micro blogging content. This makes it super easy to share and interact with each other and discover new awesome content.

The quickest way to earn rewards that are serious on is to have a large group of friends and community members that genuinely love to interact with your content because you create quality content. The more members that join the more you will earn as more and more people interact with your quality content. If you are not seeing multiple comments on your community social portal posts try stepping up the quality and increasing your friends and followers.

The fourth reason you should act right now and start spreading the word about is that Stish will not be affordable forever. Think about how much easier it is for a cryptocurrency to have a 10x or 100x gain when it is starting below 0.25 verses a crypto doing the same once it hits 25.00 or 250.00. It is much easier to find higher gains in lower priced cryptocurrency during the early phases than it is to find those same gains from say Bitcoin at the current market conditions. 100X gain with bitcoin would mean the price would need to go to 800,000.00 Per Coin!

There are no guarantees that Stish will have massive gains. Think about what your content is worth? How much will you sell your Stish for? Some will maybe sell their Stish for a low price but I think most high quality writers and members of the community will want to earn something from the sale of their Stish. They will want to sell for what they think their time and content is worth.

This is why it is so important for the community to report any bad actors and for to enforce strict rules on the blog article posts that we accept to publish on our platform. Spam junk posts are not welcomed here as they can devalue the platform as often these contributors don’t understand how to create real value and only seek a quick buck verses building long term value.

As we support writers who are members of SteemThat on other rewards based platforms also, such as, we have decided to invest a portion of all Stish sales into Steem Power. This escrow will help create whale accounts that help quality writers earn more from Steemit posts.(We have already started funding these accounts) It will also create a revenue stream from the curation rewards from supporting our members. is truly helping people grow and we are powered by people just like you. We can use the rewards to help keep the Stish markets liquid and we will do just that. Steem is a large economy essentially helping a small economy grow while SteemThat also helps Steem grow. It is a win win for all! And now you know the Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Promoting

Bonus Information:

Large rewards are heavily based on community involvement. The more comments and re-posts and natural organic traffic your content generates the more rewards you can earn. Unlike other platforms rewards are not limited to just 7 Days or 24 hrs. You have plenty of time to do some basic marketing of your content and earn even more!

During all of 2018, the total amount of Stish in circulation from Exchanged rewards cannot exceed 5% so it will have minimal consequence on the markets during 2018. By 2019 SteemThat should be funded well and have significant growth. We will have completed even more of the road map and proven how powerful people can be. All of the early adopters are smart to get in on the ground floor before all of the Stish are sold!

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Fadli Saleh Saya sangat berharap ada reward yang pasti di steemthat ini
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Frederick Stralow Great blog post Eric Binkley. I enjoyed reading your post. As you know I am always promoting because I believe in the idea behind Helping others reach thier goals, helps me reach my goals.
1 month ago
Darren Claxton Frederick Stralow I concur with you mate! It's a very exciting time, especially for me as an independent musician.
1 month ago
Bogdan MM Thanks for the information! well written and informative. I will promote SteemThat
1 month ago
Gonthukupuli Suman Good explanation
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