The Steemit Defence League is stopping the top trolls fake ‘abuse reporters’ and I have decided to help them!

There are more and more victims targeted by these fake ‘abusers reporters’ listed on the Steemit Defence League webpage: Steemit Defence League See the screencopy below.

These silly ‘abuse reporters’ report ‘spammers’ but they spam permanently.
These silly ‘abuse reporters’ report self-upvoters but they self upvote all their own votes & comments.
These silly ‘abuse reporters’ report members posting ‘short comments’ but they made themselves short comments.
These silly ‘abuse reporters’ harass innocent members permanently for unjustified & stupid reasons.
These silly ‘abuse reporters’ use bots to collect ‘bad’ members but because themselves are acting like abusers, their own bots report themselves as abusers! So funny, stupid and ridiculous they are!

These silly ‘abusers reporters’ report abusers but their acts show they are the top Steemit abusers.


Since they are flagged and reported by the Steemit Defence League they cry like bad little boys, posting pictures of them crying on the floor! They wanted the war, they have the war. So, stop crying bad boys! You deserve a punishment for being bad:


More seriously, I have decided to give my account to the Steemit Defence League to help them fighting these abusers.

Good luck to honest members with these f***g abusers harassers!

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Best news!!



I am not sure what happened to mybestnews but it looks like he last posted 4 months ago. I guess I will have to see if I can find out what happened to him. There are several people on this platform for this very reason. #Freedom4All

4 months ago

Very interesting! This Anonymous Defence League is doing a great job! I will post soon about that.

3 months ago