The New Speed Of Is Fantastic

There were a lot of hiccups on the transition and we still have a few things to work out and repair from the massive server upgrade but wow what Speed! It was taking upwards of 10 seconds to load a page for me when we had 10 registered users online and 100 visitors browsing around. Since the major upgrade our traffic is down some but we are super fast.

Most pages are loading in 3-4 seconds which is really nice.

St Louis MO, USA

Earlier today I shut down the website again as I made some major coding changes that helped a ton in driving the speeds up. Now the scripts are fired better per page and just letting the server work the way it was intended. We can still only handle it looks like about 5000 views per second but that will hold us out until we have about 2500 Members I think. Once we get there maybe we will have monetized some tools or added ads or some way to generate revenue in order to pay for the data usages.

We are looking at costs being around $250 per month

by June of 2018 if growth continues at the current rates which I think it will actually kinda snow ball once everyone gets back on and starts sharing again. The added Giphy Feature is really nice and can help users share their feelings a little better. Plus users can find GIPHY images and have them for their posts. Additionally users that are writing on and can simply copy and paste a lot of times. If you are writing reviews of tools or bots or steemit related features you are welcome to guest write on also.

Not everyone has a lot of funds and can afford to donate Steem or SBD to @steemthat on to help with operations. One thing that almost everyone can do is Upvote posts made by @steemthat and other members in the community. Everything adds up and your support matters. You can also visit our Support Us Page to learn more.Your Support Of My Posts Helps A lot.

The New Speed Of Is Fantastic

We would have not been able to build everything that we have built so far and continue to deliver fast page loads without upgrading. Each new user was slowing the website down considerably but now we truly have room to grow without worry for some time. We needed to Add Giphy and that requires a lot of speed and memory to handle the loading of so many more images. Now We Can Handle That and They Can Easily Be Added Almost Any Where…

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