The Big News Updates For This Week

Every week we have had huge improvement to the platform and every week we add more awesome members! This week is no different though I did fall asleep last night with the laptop in my lap as I am pushing my mind and body to its limits to deliver this awesome website. Do we still have a ton of improvements that must be done? Yes, Oh Yes. Most are phase 2 which starts up next weekend and it will be a grueling several days for me. I’ll write more about phase 2 updates in the coming days.

Let’s look at the significant improvements made to recently. 

The biggest news is all of the new members that are interacting in the social platform. This has caused alot of older members to return and interact with people. So many wonderful conversations have been started in the last few days. I’m impressed with our growth. Much of this is thanks to members writing articles on Steemit and sharing on other social media. This has to do with our stability we have now and all of the cool things we are doing and plan on doing.  Thank you to all who reach out and promote It really is a kinda cool place to come and chat with folks and learn more about Steemit.

Another Great Thing We Just Did Today Was Return Our Focus To Why We Exist. Many people know that we started as a community upvote bot on called @steemthat. We soon seen a great need for members of to have a place to chat and share ideas and even share their post. So many other places were restricting you from sharing. I even got booted by a moderator on more than one occasion for posting my Steemit link in the wrong place. They didn’t get it and they never will. We Steemians don’t like so many rules. I know some rules must exist but this Isn’t Reddit. Steemit shouldn’t be ran like Reddit or a crap forum group. has some rules but we encourage you to post your come links because we actually care about your growth. We ask members to upvote each other and follow each other, and resteem each other. The simple fact of the matter is that When one of us grows then we all grow when we help each other grow…. It is the Bliss of

When a company or website says, ” Hey join here we help minnows grow.” But you can’t share your posts, or be a part of the community because you do not have enough Steem Power or prestige that is total crap. I think everyone knows which places I’m referring too.  There are a few of these places that are even taking advantage of new steemians without full disclosure or understanding of all parties involved and using their Upvote Power For Nefarious GainsThese companies will not be written about in how to posts made by in the blog.

We never store your passwords on our servers when you use a tool or service here. We don’t use your password when you are not online and secretly upvote our friends or our own posts. We never ask for permission to do anything with your account for our gain. Some tools do ask for permissions to perform the task you wish to do like Delegating Steem Power or Sending To Bots. It is set up so that you authorize the code to make the transaction to the blockchain while you are using the service. Once you leave that is it. We do not store your keys/passwords ever period! It is recommended that you always clear your browser cache after leaving a website no matter what for security anyways and we suggest the same thing.

With our restored focus on Helping Steemians grow I had to get that off my mind and let people know that not every website around the Steem Universe is worthy to be in existence.

There are some other really cool things that have happened in this Weekends Update:

  • Posts Submitted To now allow you to add images and search images straight from Pixabay! Oneday maybe we can build out a working publish to Steemit user interface as cool and awesome as the Publish To SteemThat user interface.
  • Giphy is there too now just hidden you have to know where to click. Why is it hidden? It is a bug and we are trying to figure it out also. Sometimes it shows up and sometimes it doesn’t
  • We discovered a linked glitch possible to the giphy glitch when a member while I was chatting with him lost his gravatar image. It is a possible a PHP issue and we are working on it
  • We had another issue reported about some tools and pages crashing in chrome which means they are crashing in others. We were able to recreate the issue on the tools page and found out that BlockChain is throttling remote broadcasts now and it appears to be per user even. So some can send 100 messages before they get the broadcast error from Steemit and others can send 400 before hitting the broadcast error from Steemit.
  • We changed the code a little for the Send to Steemit Direct Message. It now will strip white spaces in members names. The list must be comma separated but some lists are comma space name separated. So we tweaked this to strip those spaces to be able to broadcast to The bugs and glitches with broadcast restriction made by Steemit were happening before these changes were implemented. We are looking into and have asked around if it is one node or a global node restriction when broadcasting data from a non node source.
  • With that understood more we are looking and talking with a few people and will look into setting up our own private full node for interacting with the blockchain. This will speed up delivery of content and also allow us to remove arbitrary restrictions for our members who wish to send a message to every follower on their list.
  • Minor css code tweaks you will never ever see.

We have decided to move the implementation of Upvoting, Commenting, and Resteeming From on Steemit posts. With the Auto Share Feature and Possible Your Feeds Being Added To Your New Profile Page  That We Are Working On We Feel Members Would Benefit Greatly By Being Able To Support Each Other From

Our commitment to building one of the best platforms for Users of Steemit is strong and taking things to this next level is important. It is so important that until we accomplish this almost all other development and bug fixes will stop beginning in 7 days and all efforts will be put into coding this and integrating this feature. Once we can allow members to create their own page like on Facebook we will want to Actually allow members to have one page that is nothing but their Steemit Blog Posts with the ability of those posts to be easily upvoted, commented on and resteemed. They might be snippets at first and then in the future we might be able to add full posts from to your profile.

This is coming and when we do this we will be sitting in a nice position for continued growth. At this point we will need to raise significant capital in order to maintain the infrastructure to run this operation. Maybe if enough members post on this post asking for funds for it will help…


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