The Best Steemit Upvote Bots List Of 2017

This is the absolutely best steemit promotion upvote bots list of 2017.

This list has been designed by the one and only @steemthat on Steemit to help as many steemians as possible and new members thinking about using Steemit. This steemit promtoion up vote bot list compiled of the best up vote bots of 2017 goes beyond your normal list. This upvote bot list gives you suggested minimum bid prices and tips about different ways to use the steemit upvote bots. The best steemit upvote bots list explains in detail:

  1. How to use a promotion upvote bots on steemit.
  2. Some best use practices.
  3. Tools to take advantage of the promotion upvote bots
  4. Why upvote bots are beneficial to the fledgling steemit platform

Most people just want the steemit upvote bot list so that they can start using the upvote bots let’s start there.

This list is not in any particular order and the recommended bid amount can change at anytime so it is highly recommended to visit the steemit upvote bots page to determine if you are meeting their minimum standards. This guide will usually help you at least get your bid accepted but as bots grow often do their minimum bids also. UPDATE: Check Bot Stats Live All In The Same PlaceThe list keeps getting smaller. Less help for minnows.









 There are literally so many now I cannot keep a list of all of the min bids and days allowed for posts. By thanks to a witness on steemit now you can.

Let’s Move On To The How To Guide For Using An Upvote Bot On Steemit.

This section of the ultimate steemit upvote bot guide is devoted to the most basic function of making a transfer to actually have an upvote bot come and visit your post and upvote it. Hopefully if you have read down to this point then you have read the awesome list of steemit upvote bots and have a general idea as to how much each one requires to get them to your post.

  • The First Step Is in the process is to copy the link of the post you want to upvote. At least this is where I always start and having used upvote bots over 500 times this is my recommended method for long term use.
  • Once you have copied the url or link of the post which looks like this: ( you will want to navigate to your profile and your wallet.
  • You will need to transfer steem dollars to all of the bots above to initiate a response. Pick a smaller bot for your first time. This way if you lose your money due to a bad transfer you only lose a penny or less. The transfer wizard looks like this.
  • How To Use An Upvote Bot On Steemit
  • You will need to type the name of the upvote bot into the to section. notice the @ symbol is not required.
  • You will need to type the amount you are willing to bid for the upvote. More on how this works later.
  • You will need to paste the link you want upvoted in the memo.
  • Click Submit and the transaction happens almost instantly.
  • You have completed your first transaction to an upvote bot! Yippie.

There are a few things you need to watch out for as a beginner. All too often I see that people send the wrong amount. Usually it is too small or way too large. When it is too small I try to send it back but doing so many transactions some times it gets missed. The good news it for @steemthat usually the too small bids are 0.005 so no huge loss. Most of the bots will return it or some state that they consider it a donation and there are no refunds. Each upvote bot on steemit is free to do there own thing in this regard so just be aware of what your are sending and to which upvote bot as they are all different.

Another thing you will need to pay attention to is the link you put in the memo. The upvote bots wish they could read your mind but they can’t. Most can only handle the link and no other text also. This is important because some people wonder why an upvote bot maybe didn’t bid but do not know how to find the information they need to diagnose the problem. Often it was a url that was copied wrong leaving a letter off or copying from a comment section url or something like this not the actual web address of the post.

Scams are starting to pop up. If they are not on this list be leary of them. I have been scammed before thinking that an account would do a service for me and they did not. With anything really it is caveat emptor aka let the buyer beware. Do your due diligence to avoid fraud. if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. The upvote bots on this list all have been verified and most are ran by witnesses so they have a stake in the community. Others like @steemthat is ran by a legit individual who has hopefully proven that he is trust worthy with all of the efforts he has put into recruiting and teaching others. Plus @steemthat has a website and social media platform for customer concerns.

Let’s Look At Some Best Use Practices For Up Vote Bots On Steemit Shall We.

The best case scenario is that you are a minnow and have a small upvote amount and you have come a cross a post that you really want to support. You upvote the post and make a thoughtful comment and additionally go to your wallet and make a transfer to one of your favorite upvote bots. Most will let the post author know who made the contribution for the upvote. This has had an enormous positive affect on my account @binkley.

My upvote was a penny or lower for a long time. I could have just sent some SBD true but by spending the same amount on the Upvote bot or bots I have done two great things. I have added more comments and upvotes to the post and told the system that this post is worthy of me spending my hard earned money to do so. It also tells others what you thought also. The amount the upvote bot can upvote for the same amount of SBD sent is far greater and has a bigger impact.

The most likely way people are using upvote bots and the exact way that I have used them is to upvote  a post that I spent hours on that is high quality but for some reason has had zero eyeballs. This isn’t the best way to use upvote bots but until you hit the 100 plus steem power threshold this is to me an acceptable use. The reason for this need is that the amount of delegated steem power new members get is a lot lower than it was in the original days and therefore there needs to be an equalizing component to fill the gap. Of course new members could just buy steem and power it up…

Growth Is Good My Friends..

I hope I made a sound case about how upvote bots can be beneficial to the whole community as they do serve a practical temporary need. Dolphins and Whales do not use these promotion services much as they often have guilds or a network community established already. If you think the whales do not have a scratch my back and I scratch your back silent policy you have not analyzed enough data.

With that said I hate spam and plagiarizers as much as the next person and fully support activities that are limiting this area of the platform. These are some excellent people using excellent bots that have special algorithms coded just to do that. These creators deserve a whole write up and one day maybe my next post I will try to focus on these folks and how much work they are putting into creating the best social media platform on the planet. There are also several upvote bots that just run to help new people that you can’t pay to play. They simply just do there thing. These folks should be given some accolades as well. Perhaps my next big article will cover these guys and gals.

Please do not add one line of text to a post and then send every upvote bot to the post in an attempt to get money or use plagarized content and do the same thing. This is unacceptable and there are bots on steemit that will flag you and possibly your future posts for abusing the system

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Mona Jam Now there are 100s of upvote bots; I am using just few, and some from this list as well.
I want to have my own upvote bot, but first, I want to have SP. I think, 50k SP would be good. I heard someone saying that 10k SP is also OK to start a bot, but I think it's too less.
1 week ago
Mona Jam What's your opinion on this , Eric?
1 week ago
Eric Binkley Running upvote bots is tough and super competitive now. I left as they all started getting launched everyday. Not worth the headache but could make a little revenue. I generally cleared 1 sbd per day. I kind of miss it.
1 week ago
Eric Binkley So SBD and Steem are needed. In a way it is a built in pump and dump scheme. As you exchange SBD for steem on the market to lease Steem Power. Many bot owners do this. It really can give the markets a false volume. The big spike from last year might have been due to the massive increase in bots coming online. I think it can be worth it to do it but is a headache and a business and should be treated as such. reputation is key. We did a manually audit daily to make sure we did not miss votes
1 week ago