Thank You For Changing My Life

The last few days have been so stressful. I have been doing a lot of extra work beyond my regular job to raise extra funds for the website. I have been building the website and trying to move it to the fastest servers in the USA. Which we are finally up and running again. That is a story for a whole different day.

The Super Duper Good News Is…..

I finally got over 1000 Followers with my main @binkley account. I was so happy to see this after the week that I have had and having been awake for over 48 hours trying to make things happen to get back up and running. The joy on my face when I logged into steemit to test out some features on and seen over 1000 Followers….Wow Thank you to each and everyone of you. I have sent a message to say thank you and to let you all know the website is back running again.



These will be coming to your social media accounts very soon I hope. It will be an excellent way to then get them into your steemit posts too! Thank you all for you support.

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