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The Steel Artichoke

In the square they point me out: There she goes, they say, it’s the artichoke lady. They think I got that name because I dress in green and wear my love locks all a-tangle, letting them trail like ivy down my back. Foolish boys. My heart was an oyster, brating in its cloistered bed of joy; it held a pearl, a perfect opalescent speck within the sea. A cortex came, and pluck from depths no...



I remember the days when the spirit wouldn’t hunger When I crashed with the waves and I spoke like thunder I remember feathers and wings; a part of my soul Then passions consumed me and swallowed me whole I remember my plummet from the heavens to the seas and that there was a time without you or me I remember creation and the fruit of its seed When there was just truth, no need for...


Zubli Zainordin Poet Poem The Steemit Way

I dedicate this poem to all Members of SteemThat.com here registered since today This is March a month of marching so why wait till May, Begin today If We are here to stay, Steemit is the new exciting game to play, Have a game plan while Eric Binkley and SteemThat Team support us all the way, Some say, There are many choices please choose one way, Yes, My option and preference is the one way,...