Terkait pengunduran jadwal USBN tahun ajaran 2017/2018, adanya tudingan karena belum disahkannya APBA dan akan terjadi kebocoran soal. Kadisdik Aceh, Laisani membantahnya dengan tegas. Bantahan tersebut disampaikan Laisani, saat diwawancarai awak media setelah menghadiri rapat dengar pendapat di ruang komisi V DPRA, Kamis (08/03). Laisani yang didampingi Kabid Pembina SMARead More →

Figured I’d do a follow-up video on how to grab data from a website table using Google Sheets. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bwm5wS4vp4?rel=0&w=560&h=315] Link to the walkthrough video I mentioned. Google Docs IMPORTHTML function description Geckoboard article on how to find the index number of a table  Link to my Data Source GoogleRead More →

  [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iz1r7gLANjA?rel=0&w=560&h=315] Here’s a walk through of how I create my Steemit post payout reports. Things you’ll need: 1) Google Drive – (for Docs and Sheets) 2) a WordPress.com account 3) The WordPress.com for Google Docs Add-in Link to my Data Source Google Sheet Link to my Report TemplateRead More →

SteemThat Does It Again

Minnows have been visiting and pooling their resources to build a whale pool since the beginning of Steemit. But never has it been done before on a grand scale like this! Now You Can Buy On SteemThat or For Fast Results On Radex Exchange. Today is Saturday for me and manyRead More →

image silver stish float

Steemish is a token built using the ERC-20 Protocol and is Traded Under The Symbol Stish. Only 10,100,000 Stish Have Been Created. Stish is one of those unique first of it’s kind tokens thinking way outside the box when it comes to cryptocurrency. Never before has an Ethereum token beenRead More →

Median Payout: $48.67 (as of 2/3/2018 20:47:40 EST) Source: Steemit Trending Tags If you’re looking for post ideas, it’s good to look for primary post tags that pay well, but don’t have that many other posts that will compete with your post. That way, your post ranks higher (and forRead More →

Median payout: $49.70 (as of 1/26/2018 0:28:52 EST) Source: Steemit Trending Tags Tags with >125% of median SBD payout, lowest to highest Tag Posts Comments Payouts Avg. post payout % of median art 41,604 36,046 $2,591,656.31 $62.29 125.35% culture 2,751 685 $178,907.57 $65.03 130.86% life 123,752 56,399 $8,072,365.95 $65.23 131.26% successRead More →

Here’s today’s list of all the high SBD paying Steemit categories – categories whose average SBD payout is greater than 125% of the median for the top 250 Steemit categories Median Average SBD payout: $51.06 (as of 2017-12-27 23:32 EST) I’ll be breaking these down into tiers, so you can chooseRead More →

Minnow Support Steem That

Many Minnows On Steemit Are Looking For Support For Their Steemit Posts. The learning curve of Steemit.com isn’t easy. When Minnows find SteemThat.com it is a huge relief for many people. SteemThat.com makes it easy for minnows to get support from other members of the Steemit community. The project orRead More →