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In The Fields of Rye

Walking in the fields of rye, Ever reaching for the sky In the winter, it will grow Even with the winter snow Blanketed around its base It still feels the sun’s embrace It will grow in poorer soil Though the farmer will still toil It can be made into a flour Also a rye whiskey sour Weeds won’t grow with Rye beside Does not require the herbicide Rye has lower gluten too Rye flour may...


The Dive – an original short story

Jason and Will were good friends who had met at the scuba club at the university both were attending.  Both loved scuba diving and the open water.  As friends they were close, and they did things together regularly, like working out at the gym, or grabbing a bite to eat at lunchtime on campus.   They had gone on all types of dives with the scuba club, including a few underwater cave traverses, which were well...