Tamarix aphylla Tamarix aphylla is botanical name of Ghaz, Toolha and khagal (these are its local names). This plant is suitable for shelter belt plantation. It is a fast growing tree specie. Its plantation is easy. It is drought tolerant plant. Tamarix aphylla saves crops and fruit trees from strongRead More →

Itsbotanical name is Dalbergia sisoo. It provides a dense shade during summer and saves the people from scorching heat..Its plant  life of harvesting is sixty years. At this stage it gives highest profit and strong wood. At this stage its wood is pithy. This wood is not attacked by termitesRead More →

The botanical name of Rose is ***Rosa indica***. Its propagation is through roots and mostly by stumps. It is a so beautiful and has high class asthetic value. Its an integral part of beautiful park, garden and house lawns. Its stumps or roots were planted at the start of springRead More →

Spring has finally sprung here in Derbyshire, UK I’ve managed to get out into our lovely cottage garden this afternoon to assess the potential damage caused by ‘The Beast From The East’ which hit us two weeks ago. This adverse #weather forced many parts of the UK to a complete standstill onRead More →

Jerry Rosman was a pig farmer, he also grew corn to feed his stock.  In 1997, he got involved in producing GMO corn because he was an avid follower of biotech.  In 2000, he took notice of his stock being plagued by false pregnancies.  When the sows went into labor,Read More →