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No neutral ground

Every day people make choices for good or bad. No one takes neutral ground. The scriptures tells us an event which happened between two personalities in which a choice must be made. During the Crucifixion of Jesus,Pilate ask them whom they want to be released to them: Jesus on the one hand representing God almighty and Barabbas on the other hand representing the devil. The Jews made a choice for Barabbas, the robber representing the...


Morning Wordspiration

Ambition blinds one to justice. There is nothing more pitiable than to see a man the victim of an inordinate, selfish ambition to advance himself at all cost, to gain fame, or notoriety, or pleasure, no matter who is sacrificed in the process. Better to run with a vision than to strangle yourself with ambition. Ambition not compassed by vision is motion is no specified direction. It can lead to outcomes not really desired. As...