Super Upgrades Hope You Like Them

If you have not used yet you are missing some great things.

If you have been using you are going to love the new Design and Features.

This is our closest non beta version to date and this update packs a major punch! Check out what is new and what got squashed!

Sorry The Old SteemThat Chat Is Gone…But Replaced With A New Awesome Ceiling Group Chat!

This acts more like a facebook feed or twitter feed that all members can post to. When you post to the group ceiling it also goes on your personal wall so you can always look back even when the chat is gone. It can be used as a bookmarking tool if used to comment on steemit posts you like. Nifty!

Now you can direct message people much like facebook or twitter. No sense in reinventing the wheel here right?

If you want to direct message someone you can send a message from their profile or from their ceiling etc. Makes it a little better. Plus there is a searchable members area to search. Put a face with a name for better recall later. See your direct messages here if you are logged in.

No Fees For  Tools Or Membership For Now…We Want To Help As Many People As Possible.

We believe that people are inherently good and if they win by using our tools they will send some Steem or Steem Dollars with a message in the memo that says THANK YOU! Plus the membership style pay for everything stinks right? I’m building it your way!

Now you can upload your own profile picture or use gravatar.

Plus you can upload a banner image like on facebook or twitter and steemit. Make your SteemThat banner the same as your Steemit for easy recognition. Easier Cleaner Registration will help more [users join now].(

SteemThat Encourages Members To Share Their Posts And Upvote Other Posts They See.

Better that this now you can autoshare your posts using the hashtag #steemthatshare. This will help when you are in a time crunch or cannot login to steemthat to do like for like. Please be fair and upvote people in the community as much as people upvote you. We track this and will ban abusers of the platform.

More Privacy And Security For Your Protection

Now you can login with facebook (google and twitter coming soon) or register with your email and login that way. Eventually you will be able to login with your steemit or golos login credentials. We are working with other api’s to make login easier and safer! You can set your profile share settings now also which is good if someone is annoying the fire out of you!

Navigation Is Greatly Enhanced And Page Speeds Are A Little Faster.

Mobile is where everyone is now and we are working on making improvements here. Thank you for testing and supplying feedback about We will constantly make a better more user friendly experience while helping steemians grow and have a more pleasant journey on steemit!

#steemthatshare Let’s see if it auto populates to the website! Yes

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