Now You’ll Be On The Favorites List And Earn More Rewards When You Use Auto Share. 

When You Super Charge Your Account Several Things Happen. When you pay with Ethereum or Credit Cards You Receive 500 Stish Tokens. Plus you are added to the favorites list of the whale pool. Being on the white list gives you larger upvotes than free members all year long for up to 1 post per day! ***Percentages very depending on usage and power of the whale pool.***

When you spend some Stish to Super Charge your Steemit journey you get guaranteed access to services and tools for one year.

When you buy Stish on during the ICO we invest 50% of revenue into Steem Power to make the community whale pool support accounts even more powerful.

When You Pay With Stish 25% of your Stish will be used to fund the future equitable rewards pool for social media activity and content creation on Your support of the platform helps us develop even more awesome tools to help you earn from crypto currency social media applications.

You Can Super Charge Your Experience 3 Different Ways.

1. You Can Pay With Credit or Debit Cards.

2. You Can Pay With Ethereum.

3. You Can Pay With Stish Using The Form Below.

To Pay With Credit or Debit Cards or Ethereum Please Use The Standard Cart and Check Out Functions.

To pay with Stish please fill out the form below and send 500 Stish to our Ethereum wallet address:


Be sure to send from the Ethereum address that you have in your profile on and that you enter below.