Stish Offers Minnows Real Hope For A Bright Steemit Future.

The Community Keeping The Spirit Of Helping Steemians Grow, Announces Bombshell Shocking News With Steemish Token Event!

Steemish is traded under the symbol Stish and many are talking about the most influential token event of 2018. Steemit is a blogging platform that rewards writers with crypto currency when other members of the community in a Reddit style approach support their content. Minnows have a huge barrier to entry as they often do not have a huge following or large amounts of cash to sink into the platform. The old saying, “It Takes Money To Make Money!” used to be true until recently.

Stish Bright Event goes out on a limb with an innovative concept aimed at truly “Helping Steemians Grow!” SteemThat created the Stish crypto currency to allow minnows an opportunity to build their very own whale pool. Instead of the broke writers club having to just write articles for pennies when minnows unite small fractions a whale pool can be formed and benefit a whole community of Steemians! SteemThat having a successful team of curation specialist accounts allows members that write high quality posts on Steemit to receive not only community support but support from the whale pool being created right now!

Currently members support each others posts manually. Most do this by posting their steemit links on their wall stream and in the social portal groups designed for this. Many also take advantage of the Auto Share feature of The auto share features feeds data from community members right to for easy access to support each other without all of the clutter. Additionally members can help fund the whale pool where special accounts automatically support your qualified posts. Currently only one post per day per member can be supported. As the whale pool grows though the amount they upvote and how many posts per day might change!

Why did we build Stish to handle this?

There are a few reasons so let’s dig in and help everyone understand this completely. We have witnessed many people who supported similar concepts lose all of their funds after donating Steem or SBD. Often these people would be removed from support groups after donating for random reasons often under suspicious claims of violating rules. Sometimes these people deserved to be cut lose, but still they lost their funds without getting the rewards promised. Many people delegate their steem power which this can be tricky to get back but at least it was not lost. However, delegation of steem power limits how much upvote power your account is worth and can be detrimental to new Steemians who delegate their power away. Stish allows people to get involved and if later they find that it is not for them they can simply sell their Stish.

SteemThat takes the stance that you should keep your Steem Power, Steem, And SBD and lets all work together to help grow it! There are a ton of groups and apps that steal minnows earnings and votes without them understanding fully how the platform works. They say you should know better but we feel that without full disclosure it is stealing and not helpful for growth of the platform. Anytime there are fees on we will issue full disclosure guaranteed! Often these fees will be in the form of Stish which should create market conditions as we grow.

When people purchase Stish we send 50% of the revenue to power up the whale accounts! You own your Stish crypto currency that has many useful purposes and can be traded on a real blockchain called Ethereum. Stish was built under the ERC-20 token protocol. Stish can be purchased and sold on at least one high quality exchange called Radex. This exchange uses revolutionary technology to secure tokens and allows for the lowest fees for trading when compared to any other platform of the same caliber. All members of benefit from the growth of the whale pool accounts and the community. People that have Stish can purchase a favorite spot and receive a little extra from the whale pool on their Steemit posts.


Not everyone that owns Stish will need or use the whale pool. Some people will purchase Stish to help fund the whale pool in hopes we grow and they can sell their Stish and make a profit. Others will purchase Stish simply to help other steemians grow and because they want to see what future projects we develop. Stish doesn’t sink to the raping of the steemit reward pool to fund projects for fatcat whales and their buddies. Stish puts the power into the hand of the community and the minnows.

As the community grows and the members grow they will power the future value of the Stish as we offer community promotion services that dwarf those of existing platforms like minnow booster and minnow support. Instead of the operators of those accounts receiving all of the rewards,  the members of ultimately are the winners as we attempt to funnel rewards back to the community and it’s members that make it all possible thanks to SteemThat and Stish. 

Our Logo Says It All!

SteemThat Orange Tree

Please Always Show Each Other Kindness and Respect And Help Each Other Grow! Be A Part Of One Of The Most Memorable Token Events Of 2018. Get You Some Stish!

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Funny Family Guy Building Something For Everyone To Be Able To Grow. The Founder Of a "Micro Crypto Economy!" and The Creator of Stish crypto currency currently traded on Radex @

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No worries. Once you have Ethereum down everything else is a breeze. I noticed several purchases on Radex recently and If you need any help don't hesitate to ask. I will try my best to explain or point you in the right direction.

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