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I’m not a huge Astros fan but I do live in Texas and all of my neighbors are fans. I thought baseball used to end in the summer. Maybe They changed things when I quit watching it. I remember USA elections Are Always In November. Maybe The World Serious Is Near Thanksgiving every year too and I just never paid much attention to it. Good job for working hard and winning. knows a thing or two about working hard and winning. Days and Nights and Days And Nights spent working in front of a computer screen with the hopes of one day someone seeing what you are doing and offering to lend a hand of just some words of encouragement. I know what we have built here is solid but we are going to take things to the next level.

When you think about where we were when we started and where we are now….WOW! That this is probably what it feels like winning a world series…We had no fans, we could play ball well but not many believed in us early on. We had injuries and rough patches where things didn’t go as planned but somehow we dug in deep and worked harder and got things done. We travel a lot and have to all come together to be successful. I get computer arm from time to time and it can’t be iced down. When we complete an awesome task I jump up and down and grab my crotch sometimes too. I think the team needs uniforms.

That would kinda top off this awesome feeling. America’s Favorite Past Time Is Still The Favorite Past Time. Baseball made it through congress somehow unscathed really from the steroid abuse scandals. We use coffee to enhance our performance and sometimes I also take baby aspirins for headaches and things. I have a sensitive stomach to medicine so I try to avoid it at all costs. Speaking of past times and baseball I think the future and present favorite American Activity is Crypto Currency Trading and Investing.  There are so many more now than ball teams. Am I right? can’t do what those guys did tonight. But we can win and write about it. I have not even seen the game or highlights of a single game. Giphy just popped up with all of these cool exciting Gifs so I have to assume they one or Giphy is playing one terrible joke on everyone.. Giphy has been a very cool feature added to

Very thankful they could be part of the blogging platform and the Social Networking application. Being able to post to is currently limited to a small niche of Topics. We plan to add more with an emphasis on Steem and related areas. I really do hope that one day we can have more relevant data about Steem Than anyone else. This will take an ever growing vigilant army of writers but it can be done. I’ll start writing again soon.

The other categories are cool and maybe will impress someone enough to go from to and see what it is all about. In case you missed my last few posts everywhere you can now post to from using a link below your profile. This can come in handy if you are working hard and need to publish but Steemit nodes are down. Maybe the one we use will be up and running…Fingers crossed right. Sometimes it is nice to just come visit and chat with people and take a small break but not really leave the clan. We generally only allow people who already use Steemit to join here.

Something else many people do not know about is that we have had an ability to send Direct Messages to steemit from here and you can use the fast promotion bot tools that we have. These tools make your life alot easier and saves you a ton of time so you can get back to writing, commenting and curating. So many cool things and so little time to go over all of them.

Some are so minuscule you might not ever notice. Like the advanced CSS of the Follower Tool. Or the comment forms and other forms that are easier to read and interact with. These minor things are all phase one completion tasks. The affiliate marketing areas and Steem That Tokens are just a blip on the radar big screen. One day maybe I will have time to make a solid Benefits List For People Thinking About Joining but are not sure if they should or not.

Without a solid list I forget things like our Community Curation Specialist that help add a few more cents to your posts when you are members here. The community often donates some spare change to give to the cause and we invest it into SteemPower to give even better upvote tomorrow. We are growing beyond belief. And I’m thankful for each one of you for your dedication to this community. It truly is a special place for those that Love Steemit to call home when away from home… 

If you are not a member of I suggest you join. You can follow me there @binkley and @steemthat the most awesome little upvote bot on Steemit. Many people ask if I’m going to become a witness one day and I usually say no. Recently I have been thinking about it more. Perhaps it would give our small community a little larger voice. From what I have read it only takes around $200,000 USD to be successful so Maybe when we launch our Smart Media Tokens next year and we have thousands of members I can run and we can do some more great things together. Best wishes everyone. Thank you again.

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