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While Waiting For To Launch Smart Media Tokens Tied To The Block Chain


We Decided To Launch Our Own Token Here At and integrate it into our social media platform. Now You Get Paid When You Do Work Such As:

  • Comments Made In The Community And On Blog Posts
  • Messages Sent Via Our Private Message Network
  • Reading Pages And Blog Posts And Content Takes Time.
  • Joining Groups Is Smart To Help You Grow On It Also Rewards You To Join As Most Group Owners Will Give You Some SteemThat Tokens For Joining! Members That Are Part Of Groups and Interacting With Others Always Earn More.
  • Make Friends Has Never Been Easier. We Break Down The Barrier To Friendship By Rewarding Both Parties For Being Friends. Thinking of friending alot of people and then un-friending?¬†¬†Don’t… As You Will Go Broke Fast. Unfriending Costs More Than It Pays. Get To Know People Before Your Become Friends And Don’t Try To Beat The System Or The System Will Beat You!
  • Write Posts On Your Wall and so much more. You can even Earn SteemThat Tokens by writing articles about on Authors Get Paid A Flat Fee When They Write An Article And Then Get Paid When Members Read Their Content Too!
  • No More Crazy Flagging And Crazy Bots Doing Crazing Things!
  • Spammers Always Lose More SteemThat Tokens Than They Make And It Is Built In!
  • You Always Get At Least 1 SteemThat Token If You Are A Guest Writer On plus you earn STT for all of the work that you do.
  • You Did Some Work And Deserve To Get Paid. Though Your Content Can Get Flagged And Removed By Many Members Of The Community Who Flag For SPAM Or Plagiarism. One Member Can’t Initiate This By Themselves.

We currently do not reward for Upvotes or Sharing Posts. This is stuff you should do if you like something anyway. We focus on rewarding users for doing actual work and for being active in the community. The more active you are the more you earn. This might be the first and only Social Media Platform like this. Early Adopters are about to get a boost as We Will Begin Retroactive Payments For Past Activities!

We Are Working On A Way To Trade Internally And Create Market Conditions. We Are Also Working On A Way To Trade Steem That Tokens But Think This Will Be Solved When We Launch The Official Smart Media Token From So many things will change once we integrate but until then we can show the way that we might incorporate Smart Media Tokens in the Future. Plus we can track and see who our most active users are and reward them in the future for their support.

Our First Purchase Of Smart Media Tokens Is Completed.


The first person to buy Steem That Tokens bought them with Steem Dollars (SBD) and everything went very smooth

. You Can Buy Steem That Tokens Here Using These Currencies:

  • Ethereum ETH
  • Litecoin LTC
  • Bitcoin BTC
  • Steem
  • Steem Dollars SBD
  • USD PayPal

Steem That Token First Purchase

Why Would Anyone Buy SteemThat Tokens?

The main reason I think is because they support all of the things that we are doing and would like to contribute to the growth and development. Instead of just donating they get something that could potentially reward them down the road if we accomplish what we think we can.

Another reason is because they want to trade those tokens internally for things from other members and for access to tools and content.

There are many reasons to buy SteemThat Tokens and I think people will get creative until we create a trading platform or a way to trade them for other things. Until then it is good for SteemThat tokens to be held for a while anyways. We might add some growth for holding them also.

Currently There Is No Way To Exchange Steem That Tokens For Other Currencies. All Tokens, Coins, Etc Have Risks. There Are No Guarantees Expressed Or Implied.


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