Whale Pool Support

You Have Made A Wise Decision Joining SteemThat.com

  • You now have access to a whole host of amazing tools and services.
  • You have an excellent social network where you can connect and share.
  • Create or Join groups and share your links and ideas.
  • When you help others you are also helping yourself.

Through The Sale Of Stish Members Are Able To Build A Whale Pool. We Are Taking 50% Of Earning From The Sale Of Stish And Putting Them Into Escrow On Steemit. Using The Funds To Build A Whale Pool That Supports Members Posts Through Auto Curation And Auto Share! Buy Some Stish Now!

50 Percent The Whale Pool

SteemThat.com has community sponsored curation accounts that promote members post using the Auto Share Feature.

  • @binkley now serves as the leader of the pack
  • @binkgirl helps with many tasks. Curation specialist is her passion.
  • @cbcheek does some design work but also is a curation specialist.
  • @steemthatyes is helping out with curation and will also be powered up as a whale.
  • @steemish is helping out with upvote for the community and will be the primary whale pool curation specialist.
  • @steemlist is helping out with curation and will also be powered up as a whale.
  • @trump3t is a special curator developed by a friend of SteemThat.com. Support Trump3t Now!

Donating Steem or SBD To These Accounts Helps The Whole Community. These are community curation specialist that only upvote SteemThat.com members posts. The more they grow the better your upvotes will be from each account when you use AutoShare.

These curation specialists help members and will be dedicated to supporting the SteemThat.com movement. If you want to help the community curation accounts feel free to delegate any amount of SBD or Steem to your favorite account.

One reason we created Stish was to help those that perhaps donated to other support groups and got burned. I have heard horror stories where people donated large amounts of SBD or STEEM to get booted out of their minnow support group with no refunds. Stish helps insulate you from that and another great reason to buy Stish and build a whale pool. If you ever decide to leave which we hope you never do, you could sell your position in Stish and move forward without feeling bad about losing your participation funds.