Hi friends First post on Steemthat platform. What shall I look for when I try the Steemthat platform?

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Eric Binkley Many people that come from Steemit are not sure where to get started. The good news is you wrote your first blog post on SteemThat.com just like you could on Steemit.com...

For short quick message like on twitter vist the community feed or your my profile link in the top. Complete your profile for best results. Make friends, join groups, share your steemit links.

SteemThat has a full social media platform along with the blogging platform. They were integrated at the end of 2017. Now when you post blog style posts a short snippet will show up in the community feed. Plus in your profile you can easily keep track of your posts.

SteemThat is different in that it is equitable. Everyone can earn small amounts of Steem That Tokens for doing simple things. These tokens can be traded for real Block Chain tokens built on Ethereum with the erc20 protocol.
2 months ago
Eric Binkley Oh something I left out is that comments are integrated. So it makes it easier to interact with each other. 😀
2 months ago
Eric Binkley I would describe us as complimetary . We love steemit and will continue to promote Steemit and help people use it while also building our own platform so that people have a choice. Some times a post might be better as a flat rate verses the community upvote approach. You earn STT by making friends, messaging, comments and other social media actions. You earn a little STT with every steemit post link you share. Kind of cool. ?
2 months ago
Eric Binkley We run ads on the front facing public comments but there are no ads in the members only social community feeds or in your profile feeds.
2 months ago
amirul islam hridoy now im much clear about steemthat. thanks Eric Binkley
2 months ago

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im hridoy, i will publish technology post


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