SteemThat Looks To The Future With Groups

When we decided to launch groups we knew it would take some time to grow them.

There never was a doubt about groups being a long term future winner.  Groups are essentially like micro communities within communities. Groups take hard working people who understand how to grow them to run them successfully. Groups also take members to be successful. is growing and adding members daily.

Groups are a great way to build a small community within the bigger community. Groups allow people with similar interests and passions to come together and connect around content. Members who create groups and members who join groups have many benefits.

We created a short video that talks a little bit more about groups and why we believe they will be a great investment into the future. One day we will create a video that helps group operators learn some basic best practices to encouraging participation and growing your groups. We all know it starts with creating the group, making meaningful comments and making friends and inviting people. But there are steps you can take to creating super powerful groups.

We love Steemit and one big thing missing was groups so we built it. Many people were always asking about groups and why you always have to go visit another website and sign up for so many other places just to use Steemit. We are steadily working on building many things under one roof in version 1.0 that can help you only need one website to go to to use Steemit and

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Eric Binkley

You can watch the Youtube video about groups above or if you are anti youtube you can watch it on Dtube!/v/binkley/edfuggw5!/v/binkley/edfuggw5
2 months ago
the dawn

yes i agree with you

2 months ago