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In a brazen attempt to gain market share from social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, launches rewards token called STEEMISH traded under the Symbol STISH. Building an equitable proof of stake platform the first of its kind built around social media. The EPOS platform should revolutionize the way people interact with social media companies. Instead of posting and sharing and liking for free members of earn in multiple ways being the first platform of it’s kind. “The tiered rewards system will one day rule the internet,” founder of, Eric Binkley states, in several community posts. His reasoning behind this is not clear but his obvious genius and lightning explosion onto the cryptocurrency scene has many wondering who is this Meta Masked man?

Some people might have heard of which was one of the first Social Blogging Platforms Tied To The Blockchain. took on the task to educate and assist new members in learning how to use the ultra complex Steemit platform. With so much positive feedback from members decided to also reward its members who used the Full Blogging and Social Media Platform Built By the Steemish Teamish.

With there is an Equitable Proof Of Stake meaning that members earn the same rewards for doing the same tasks. These rewards are clearly published and updated when needed as there is a mechanism that controls the rate of Steem That Tokens entering as rewards into the community.

With EPOS members who do more work earn more rewards because they do more work not just because they hold a higher stake in the platform. Equitable Proof Of Stake the way it is used with give all members an equal opportunity. Building a hybrid centralized and decentralized system much like the ICO soon to be launched by Telegram, allows MOWs to assist in the verification of quality blog post content which makes up about 75% of overall rewards given to members. Moderators of Works assist in keeping the platform as free from spam and plagiarism as humanly possible. These members are awarded Steem That Tokens for assisting the community in this way. All members are able to flag community posts that are offensive, spam, or plagiarized posts. MOWs assist with voting on whether these posts shall be deleted or if the user should be banned or removed completely forfeiting their rewards back to the community pool. STEEMISH Tokens are not effected by this as they are held in the users private Ethereum wallet of their choice.

The unique social media platform connects real world Steemit users together in a human way without all of the bots, clutter and confusion. is attempting to put most of the tools someone would need to use both platforms under one roof. Creating more time on site by members than most other similar type platforms. There is a lot of data, there are many many tools and services available for members but we want to create an even bigger and better platform.

The tiered rewards based platform that has running in beta currently is the first of its kind. When using both and members earn rewards from both platforms. is currently more established and has more exchanges and markets to trade their 2 Tokens SBD and STEEM on. As members write blog posts on Steemit they need to be upvoted to earn any rewards. helps by allowing members to form support groups that help each grow. Eventually we could add other tiers or other rewards platforms to our support system effectively making it the largest independent group of writers and social media rewards platform members in the world!

What is better than seeing the whole community visiting your post and upvoting is the auto curation specialist accounts that uses. This is where things get real. 50% Of All Revenue Generated From The Purchase Of Steemish and SteemThat Tokens will be invested into Steem Power For These Accounts. Members That Purchase Steemish or SteemThat tokens will be added to the White List of approved accounts to upvote posts. The more powerful these accounts get the better the Upvotes for the whole community and the better their upvotes are when the whole community visits your post and upvotes. This formula for success can help also prop up the value of Steem and SBD as there will hopefully be a steady flow of added income to the platform.

Help us help you grow and help the community grow so that we can impact change for a better tomorrow. truly helping Steemians Grow!

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Eric Binkley We are building things to help compliment their platform such as this social networking platform. Makes it easier to connect with real people. Join groups, make friends, stay connected and help each other grow. ?
4 months ago
Eric Binkley Additionally as we grow Steemit will grow as we invest more into their platform without burdening their critical blockchain infrastructure.
4 months ago
the dawn it is a good post
1 month ago