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This Is Another Great Reason To Join MinnowSupport Group.

The other day I was having a great banter with some people on the PAL Network On Discord. The PAL Group Is About PEACE LOVE AND ABUNDANCE.  It is also Where The Minnow Support Group Is Located On Discord. So There are plenty of people on there to chat with. They have tons of categories and channels to talk with different folks. It is like many other things related it takes awhile to learn the ropes and get used to how things work and where to click and what all can be done.

This isn’t going to be a huge how to guide (There is a great video below!) but there needs to be one written for sure that helps new members of the Community learn how to join and what the essential benefits are. Once you learn the basic benefits and enjoy the heck out of the General and Upvote and Post Promotion sections you will one day stumble onto something even better.

I found The Steemit Radio Station On The PAL Network…AKA Minnow Support Group.

No kidding, look, I was checking out the categories and realized that their was a lot of chatter. Mainly I think because @swelker101 was doing the DJ for the radio station. MSP Waves if you don’t already know. For me it was like my first time to Disney World. No kidding it was an awesome feeling and they even take requests from time to time. So if there is a song stuck in your head that you want to hear radio quality sound, you can see the DJ and direct message them. It helps to have a relationship already but they are friendly folks.

The next time you are up late coding or writing a post tune into the coolest radio station anywhere on the web. The MSP Waves Radio Station Plays A lot Of Great Songs. It is my official Radio Station and comes Verified from @binkley as high quality 100%.

The Radio Station Is Awesome!

Watch live video from mspwaves on



Minnow Support & PAL Video Explaining More!

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