Steemit Promotion Upvotes The Best For 2018

We have published several lists and how to guides but as new people Join and are trying to find ways to promote their posts they often turn to for help!

The Best Steemit Promotion Upvotes For 2018!

This is the ultimate list for the best Promotion Upvote Bots On Steemit. We will dig right in and give you the updated list of who is hot and stronger than ever before. One thing for sure is that upvote bots for minnows shrank during 2017. There were a few Larger Bots That Disappeared At The End of 2017 and Some like @randowhale that re-coded and made a come back.

Let’s Look At The List So You Can Start Promoting Your High Quality Posts Now.


You Can See The Minimum Bids For The Steemit Promotion Bots All In One Place When Operators Publish Their Info. UPDATE: There is a new and powerful tool that members can use now and I suggest you use it to grow your accounts.

Why are minnows or small promotion bid bots (those with minimum bids of 0.100 SBD or less) so rare on Steemit? The main reason is the high operating costs. Finding a solid reliable server for cheap to run the code on isn’t easy. Amazon charges about $10 USD per month for our 2 Instances. That is a ton of 0.001 Upvote to break even plus you need to lease or buy some steem. If you are loaded this is no big deal. Even a few thousand dollars invested so that you do not have to lease steem power would work and you could break even running a 0.01 – 0.05 promotion upvote bot but your ROI is low and your headaches will be high.

AWS is the way to go for running them as it is the most stable in my opinion. I have ran 6 and now prefer to just relax and help minnows who are members grow. Sometimes people will upvote or Delegate Steem Power to the community accounts which helps everyone grow. We also launched our own Steemish Crypto Currency on the Ethereum BlockChain. You Can Purchase Them And We Invest 50% Into The Curation Accounts. Also We Do The Same With Our In House Steem That Tokens. There are many ways to help grow the community.

If you are a minnow starting a business from scratch you will face a ton of challenges breaking into this space. The Steem Lease Costs From The 2 Sources Available That Have Some Accountability @minnowbooster and @blocktrades isn’t cheap or very profitable. Unless you round up a private delegate to help support your early days it is tough but doable as we have proven with @steemthat. We kept it small and mainly just members of the community used it so that helped when handling issues. We have since converted the bot into a community curation specialist to help members grow.

How To Actually Use Promotion Upvote Bots On Steemit? 

Let’s Look At The How To Guide For Using An Upvote Bot On Steemit.

This section of the ultimate steemit upvote bot guide is devoted to the most basic function of making a transfer to actually have an upvote bot come and visit your post and upvote it. Hopefully if you have read down to this point then you have read the awesome list of steemit upvote bots and have a general idea as to how much each one requires to get them to your post.

  • The First Step Is in the process is to copy the link of the post you want to upvote. At least this is where I always start and having used upvote bots over 500 times this is my recommended method for long term use.
  • Once you have copied the url or link of the post which looks like this: ( you will want to navigate to your profile and your wallet.
  • You will need to transfer steem dollars to all of the bots above to initiate a response. Pick a smaller bot for your first time. This way if you lose your money due to a bad transfer you only lose a penny or less. The transfer wizard looks like this.
  • How To Use An Upvote Bot On Steemit
  • You will need to type the name of the upvote bot into the to section. notice the @ symbol is not required.
  • You will need to type the amount you are willing to bid for the upvote. More on how this works later.
  • You will need to paste the link you want upvoted in the memo.
  • Click Submit and the transaction happens almost instantly.
  • You have completed your first transaction to an upvote bot! Yippie.

Please Only Use On High Quality Posts As Most Will Remove Your Upvote and Issue No Refunds For Spam or Plagiarized Posts. Plus You Can Get Put On A Global Black List And Be Banned From All Promotion Bots.

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