Getting A Bunch Of Anonymous Cryptocurrency Users Together To Provide Photos Isn’t An Easy Task.

These People Help Things Run Smooth We Are All Members And All Members Truly Make The Steemish Teamish. 

The advisors currently listed I would also consider early founders for their tremendous work in the background with so many tasks. This page is just getting started as we are moving from just a proof of concept beta version to a full launch with even more tools and features.

Meet The Founder

Eric Binkley:

We have built a working (not just a concept) community platform. We have built a hybrid platform that relies on advanced web development technologies and new blockchain cryptocurrency technology to show proof of concept. We place 50% off all token sales by us into funding the whale pool for minnows. We are fully scalebale with a solid  The 2018 Road Map And Integrations And Development Plans That Will Propel It’s Going To Be A Big Year!

To Connect With Me It Is Best To Message Me On as I work there. If you must connect on other platforms I’m on Telegram Which I Love And Looking Forward To Their ICO! I’m On Discord,, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Linked In, BitcoinTalkForum and Steemit, BitBucket, GitHub,Trello, Etc and cannot guarantee any speedy replies right now.



Anthony Davis:

SteemThat Advisor – Stish Holder – Steem Flag Rewards Founder – Trump3t Creator – Minnow / Plankton Advocate

Mr Davis Has A Full Time Job Also And Is Passionate About Helping Change Some Of The Flaws Within The Steemit Platform. He Does So With A Loving Heart And Tries To Inspire People To Do Good Things. His thoughts and ideas have helped us rethink the ways we interact with Steemit and how we can do more good for the platform. We have advanced to new heights and focus on growing our community and its members partly because of the way Mr Davis sets a solid example. Thank you.

“Retired in Samar” Mr Randy:

An American Expat retired in the Western Pacific, sharing his time between the Philippines and Guam. Randy spent a good part of his working career in U.S. Naval Oceanography and Meteorology before moving over to the U.S. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Service.  After a combined 25 year career in the weather business, he changed fields and worked for 13 years as a real estate broker and owner of his own brokerage firm in Tupelo, Mississippi. Randy has much experience on the blogging scene with a working background in website design, content management, and internet/social media marketing.

A little known fact about Randy – He began his computing career in 1974 while working as a computer operator in the Eastern hemisphere’s largest known computer center at the time… The U.S. Navy’s Fleet Weather Center on Guam. He jokes “Just because I’ve been around computers longer than most people have been alive doesn’t mean I know how to program one!” Randy is married and resides with his wife, a dog, and three cats in Samar, Philippines, where he has learned to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.  “Wherever I find myself, I’m witness to the unspoiled natural beauty of tropical island living, sharing my adventures on my blog, “Retired in Samar”… One Day at a Time, where I discuss everything – from the seriousness of it all to the comedic side of everyday living.


Frederick Stralow:

Steem That Advisor — Social Media Champion — Stish Holder — All Around Freedom Fighter– Proud Texan — Living The Dream!

From day one Mr Stralow rolled up his sleeves and started championing us on social media. From day one Mr Stralow rolled up his sleeves and started championing us on social media. He pumped gas for 12 years in the USAF and remodeled Chuck E. Cheese and other commercial businesses across the US. He was a Traveling Commercial Construction Superintendent for 15 years. He has been an activist and even ran for the Texas House of Representatives in 2014. He helps admin a worldwide all volunteer network on Facebook and helped broker a deal to make Superior Coin the Official Cryptocurrency of Citizens Action Network. He actually began working with computers in 1990. They were the old green screens and we used them for accounting. Later, the base he was at became the test base for many fuel automation programs.

Prem Whineray aka The Scholarly Owl:

SteemThat Advisor – Stish Holder – Part Time Developer – Aussie

The Scholarly Owl is a Steemit contributor, who found the awesomeness of SteemThat, and wanted to be a part of that vision. Since then, he has been giving Eric feedback on features and bugs, as well as becoming involved with development.

He never has nothing to say, about anything, and will provide feedback whether we like it or not. Some say that he is a robot in disguise as we frequently catch him communicating in binary… All we know, is we are glad to have another technically minded (thing) as part of our team.

Bobby Bobinson: 

SteemThat Advisor – Stish Holder – Steemit Witness – Expert In Security And Architecture

Mr Bobbinson Has Limited Time But His Advice Is Priceless. He has helped me brainstorm late into the nights and expanded my thoughts greatly. He has helped me organize the bitbucket account and set up other social media accounts we needed. He has sent countless reports for me to read and the value of this information has been tremendous. Numerous bug reports and solutions thanks to Mr Bobinson. Many of the future developments are because of those discussions. His influence on this community is powerful as it is possible that he is Satoshi.

John McGready:

SteemThat Advisor – Stish Holder – Ealry Adopter — Crypto Currency Analyst — Avid Computer Science Guru

Once in a lifetime you might read an article that you just know is going to blow down the doors because it had to be written by someone with a natural ability to convey the message. One of the first posts that Mr McGready submitted under our old beta post eating system was and is a classic. Once we developed the new system things have gone a whole lot smoother. Thanks to James for not giving up on us, he now writes some of the best most helpful content for new writers creating posts on Often he shares these on both platforms and makes sure members have the first advantage of the tips and secret data the big whales do not want you to know about. Thanks to James Mcgready for setting the trend of creating high quality content when you publish on SteemThat or Steemit.

Josef Schneider:
SteemThat Advisor – Stish Holder – &

One of the first members of SteemThat, Josef helped write some early content in German and helped us think more about translations. Offering to help anyway he could to get things off the ground because he believed in what we were trying to accomplish. Mr Schneider has several successful web platforms and has a very good insight into crypto currencies. As a musician of various kinds of music many of us have enjoyed his artistry. One day perhaps we will have a Steem That Fest and how awesome will it be to have one of our own perform! Like many others he has helped with debugging and even some coding solutions.


SteemThat Advisor — Social Media Champion — Stish Holder– Early Supporter– And Part Time Developer.

Super Nice Helpful Guy That Writes Articles And Helps Out Where He Can. This Mysterious Figure Of and is our Satoshi. Super Brilliant But Extremely Private. Just Getting Him To Let Me Give Some Credit Was A Challenge. So Who Is This Masked Man? This Top Secret Crypto Currency Aficionado? The World May Never Know!