Steemish And Steem That Tokens And The Howey Test Plus KYC Compliance And EPOS

Some Facts:

One reason we ask you to complete your profile is to help us be KYC compliant. One reason Steemit Asks Users To Take A Selfie Is To Attempt To Be KYC compliant. Stish Are ERC-20 Tokens Built On The Ethereum Blockchain. Stish Tokens Have Functionality and Utility As They Can Be Transferred Between Members As A Form Of Currency For Services Performed Such As Upvotes On Steemit, Resteems, Etc. In Addition To This They Can Be Traded For Access To Certain Features On The Website And Other Websites Coming Soon.

KYC is an acronym for Know Your Customer. Most Countries In An Attempt To Stop Money Laundering Or Terrorism Require Companies To Know Their Customer Or Collect Basic Information On Customers. We reward members with 5 Steem That Tokens for completing your profile and will not be able to Exchange your Steem That Tokens for Stish without a completed profile.

The Howey Test Helps Determines Essentially If A Company Should File With The SEC (Securities And Exchange Commission) and follow strict rules and pay exorbitant fees for filing. Companies Selling Certain Financial Products or Services Are Required To Register. The Howey Test Is A Solid Test To Determine If Your Company Should or Should Not Register.

Please Read This Disclaimer Before Purchasing Tokens:

Steem That Tokens and/or Steemish Tokens are not company stock and their value does not represent the value of They should not be used for investment purposes. Some might claim that the rewards they earn are dividends but this is not the case as they are flat rate rewards equitably distributed to members who perform tasks not distributed based on how much you already own. Both tokens pass the Howey Test and are not required to register as they are not any of the following: notes, stocks, bonds, or investment contracts. There are no express or implied guarantees. Cryptocurrency Tokens/Coins Are Risky Things To Purchase And You Should Only Purchase At Your Own Risk Knowing How They Work And How To Manage Safely and Securely Your Tokens or Coins.

Users that purchase Stish or Steem That Rewards Tokens can use those tokens to trade for membership into the network and purchase other services provided by or other members. Please take care of yourself and do not spend more than you can afford to lose. We can not guarantee any outcomes.

How Can We Protect Customers and Members?
This has weighed heavy on my mind since the beginning. & Stish want to live in reality and be fair, honest and straightforward doing as many things transparently as possible with our hybrid on chain off chain platform. You might be concerned with what happens if we fail at achieving our goals? I have asked my self and team members that same question.

What if we only raise 100,000 USD and we for whatever reason cannot scale as fast as we need to? The great thing about our currency and community plan is that we are placeing 50% of revenue from The Sale Of Stish Tokens Into Steem on Steemit. This Steem Power Will Be Used To Power The Community Curation Specialist Accounts. This whale pool will support all members no purchase required as long as they have the power to do so. Members can additionally purchase enhanced whale pool support on

Other Services Will Also Be Made Available That Can Only Be Purchased With Stish… In the event we do not hit our goal and sell all 7 Million Steemish During The ICO we can keep them listed at the current rates they were listed at and as we make developments and people see more progress and success I think they will come on board. This might mean our valuation might be lower and growth might be slower however, we will keep pushing forward with our goals and achieve success.

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Ich finde wirklich super. So haben viele die Steemit nicht verstehen eine Chance. Weil geben wir zu Steemit ist schon schwer zu verstehen,für jemanden der nicht viel mit seinem Pc macht. Ob sich stishit durchsetzen wird,zeigt die Zeit. Aber irgendwie ist hier noch alles so steiff,oder findet ihr nicht. Wie viele Leute sind überhaupt hier? Bin ich der einzigste aus Deutschland?

5 months ago
dieland dylnde

Yep, Im still wondering how does it work actually and I still need some time to learn more about this...I'm trying to develop my own build on being a witness and have enough budget to buy the pc harware hope to mange to have enough budget soon because I just rely on my Steemit to fund my project..without bugging and begging but through a real articles and post.....I need to sell my properties too haha if there is any intrested to buy an apartment abroad internationally I got two and one to let off one...

4 months ago
Mona Jam

Can Stish be traded for bitcoin or Eth on Radex?

4 months ago