There are 2 main reasons why SteemThat’s “Brick Chain” is destroying the competition!

Brick Chain is so much better than block chain period. Fancy words like decentralized and block chain are flung around the web and the digital currency sphere like they mean something… From what I can tell most of the time decentralized is a code word used for: “YOU WILL GET SCAMMED SOON!” and block chain has it’s wonderful properties which lag it down like a car running on water verses gas or petrol. Back when block chains were first invented CDN’s were not as sophisticated. Cloud computing was in it’s infancy and peer to peer was all of the buzz!

With cloud computing and CDN’s, which is an acronym that means Content Delivery Networks, being so freaking fast and affordable now block chain tech is becoming outdated faster than it was created!  There is little reason to decentralize something as important as digital currency. Why bloat the networks with a million api calls that are not needed? Why bloat a blockchain which is simply a fancy maria database or mysql database ledger with thousands of folks constantly trying to hack it?  Why act like block chain tech is the best thing ever when really “Brick Chain” is the way to go!

Oh because you are not old enough to remember the invention of “Brick Chain“? Perhaps my old age has something to do with it. Block Chain tech has some cool features but old school Brick Chain like Steem That Runs on is faster, lighter, uses less electricity to power and can be scaled so much easier because it is built in the cloud! There is another buzz word that people think sounds really cool! Steem That with the ability to serve data extremely fast from anywhere in the world in seconds can deliver the high value content that users demand at a fraction of the cost that it takes to manage and pay all of those miners and witnesses.

These people don’t host your constantly growing content for free? They expect to get paid and get paid they do! This is not an issue but when you look at the costs of “Brick Chain” vs “Block Chain” it is easy to see that “Brick Chain” from a cost alone standpoint blows blockchain out of the water. Often the costs associated with P2P networking that is utilized in the block chain doesn’t get accounted for as it isn’t a direct cost of operations. Though miners or witnesses do get paid for their server space used. With google cloud and amazon cloud services and many others popping up every day, the costs of having multiple exact copies of a database or “Brick Chain” is far less than that of mining fees paid out.

With Block Chain Every Single Block has the timestamp and the hash of the previous block. Thousands of computers run special coding that allows them to process these blocks and verify that each one is accurate. These folks are called miners or witnesses. Some people claim this to be genius and the only way to go! There is always a copy of the block chain somewhere that makes the system not have one single point of failure. Others say that the security aspect of it is so strong because it would take un-real computing power to change one block without getting noticed.  While much of this is true they forget to tell you about all of the complexities in dealing with the blockchain. For a new person, learning all of the nuisances with block chain tech, might make you want to commit suicide. This is a fair warning before going down the rabbit hole of blockchain technologies.

If one had to actually store the data of every single block before the current block then the cost to do this would outweigh any gain. So if you were running a normal online business on the block chain and every single byte of data had to be attached to every single byte of data in a certain way and be constantly repeated without miners or witnesses, a simple website like this one would require hundreds of servers to operate. Add in all of the miners or witnesses to verify data and essentially host the data and this website would cost Tens of thousands of dollars to operate. There is no reasons to add so many hands to the data either. Some data doesn’t need so many non vetted people having access to it. It is laughable to think that currencies like bitcoin and others have so many con artists with drool falling from their lips handling your information daily!

With “BrickChain” you keep a lot of grubby shady characters paws off the data. Steem That Tokens are built off of “BrickChain” technology!

Look at this picture below to get a better understanding of how brick chain works:

Steem That Digital Currency

Hopefully after looking at this picture you get a complete understanding of how “Brick Chain” works and why Steem That is destroying the competition!  When you follow the mortar lines you are essentially following the data trails of Brick Chain!  You have multiple entry points through things we like to call Pages! If you start at the bottom you can see in this example 5 Grey mortar lines or entry points! If you were to start on the left and follow with your finger the grey mortar line up and to the right and then up again at the next mortar line you would be making progress navigating the bricks! I know it is all starting to make sense to you now for sure!  “Brick Chain” Technology is so simple this way! If you were to continue following the grey mortar joints with your finger you could go left or right or down or up easily! Of course if you are on a touchscreen device which most of you are this might be very annoying! You might want to just imagine with your mind you are an ant walking across the brick chain and following a path.

Brick Chain isn’t perfect. Much like in the real world a brick wall can get a crack in it. Or a brick sidewalk or road can become un-level. When this happens our team of experts goes and repair the bricks.  Sometimes the way that we repair the bricks is complicated and takes a few minutes to repair. Other times the bricks because of Artificial Intelligence repair their own cracks. Brick Chain works faster as there are not as many hands playing with the bricks. In “Brick Chain” technology the ledger system is centralized and publicly available.  In “Brick Chain” Digital Currency the currency is centralized and data about the currency is made publicly available. Brick Chain lessens the amount of scammers by reducing the amount of hands touching the sensitive data that makes up your digital currency. With advance cloud computing technologies “Brick Chain” is the next generation digital currency.

It is clear to see that Steem That Tokens and the brick chain technology is new and in beta! There are things that still need to be developed. Steem That Tokens still need to be able to be traded on an internal exchanges between multiple parties at one time. The Steem That Transfer Tokens System could use some enhancements! The easy discovery of the payouts for performing works on is publicly available. Steem That Token Central Banking System and Monetary Policies need to be made publicly available.

The Steem That Token is essentially a points system that can be used internally to purchase goods and services. Often these goods are of a digital nature and in the form of access. Often services are things performed for people on other platforms such as likes, follows, upvotes, subscribes, etc. Members could transfer Steem That Tokens or Steem That Liquid for various off site actions or services. An exchange back into a fiat or digital currency needs to be developed. For now users of the tokens can only trade them internally unless members arrange for a payment for tokens between themselves. This is similar to in game currencies that are often bought and sold on ebay or other services. On a small scale this doesn’t impact the value of the Steem That Tokens. 

One way we can add value to Steem That Liquid is to add an interest payments for saving these tokens. It was originally thought to allow Steem That Liquid to be the stable measure to trade off the website at some point hence the name liquid. However this might not be needed. Allowing people to trade their Earned or Purchased Steem That Tokens into Steem That Liquid so that they can earn some interest on their tokens is a possible avenue for Steem That Liquid in the short term and long term. NOTICE: There will now be a 2% interest payment per month on Steem That Liquid Tokens. You can convert your Steem That Tokens Using The Exchange And Then Earn Interest On Your Steem That Liquid! 

The value of the tokens can be determined based on several basic economic principles. The supply of the tokens and the demand for the tokens can impact this value.  The central banking system ran on the Brick Chain will determine based on The Gross Website Product and Gross Member Value the amount of currency to produce during a given time period. Preferably on an annual basis once a period of time has elapsed to allow formulas to be invented for this. We have created an economic secret organization  that will consist of members of the website from various diverse backgrounds. These members will be able to vote on different aspects of the monetary policy for the tokens. Essentially forming a community board of directors. 

The brick chain allows for data to be stored in such a way that no two bricks can ever be truly identical! Funds from one account to another must always yield a gross mathematical computational value as set by the scripting coding languages used for moderation. This AI must be kept top secret and confidential to protect the integrity of the brick chain! In the event the artificial intelligence determines an anomaly we can set-up a board of coders that are dully elected or appointed to sift through the reams of data and manually correct such anomalies. For now the inventor and founder of the Steem That Token Brick Chain can handle this. We can create a formula for how many members are needed for x number of coders on the board. They could also have other functions such as moderation of content and manually reviewing of submitted posts to avoid spam posts and reward drain pools. The Steem That board of coders could be similar to witnesses but have an active role in the community. These members could request compensation and vote on the amount of pay that the central banking system will compensate them for each action.

Thinking about adopting Brick Chain technology for your company? Want to learn more about how is using “Brick Chain” technology to change the world?  This project is currently not open source and more of the things we are doing are top secret. We might one day open up or develop for others using “Brick Chain” Technology but for now we will use our top secret coding systems to benefit our members and those who believe in “Brick Chain” and the future of the internet and the people that use it!

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I wrote this articles 21 days prior to launching the Block Chain Based Crypo Currency Stish. The above satirical piece is funny and truthful on some points at the same time. We decided almost from day one we would need to tokenize the existing platform to maximize growth of the community for the betterment of its members. Stish is now available on Radex Exchange..

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