Steem That White Paper And Road Map

Steemish….We Had An Idea. 

Unlike Most Tokens Or Coins Decided To Build And Test Before Launching The Steemish BlockChain Token Event 2018!

After reading all of the data about failed ICO’s and too much risk, we decided to handle many of the initial fears by actually building a working platform. People can not only read about the possibility of a platform or the concepts, but they can use it and experience it first hand before purchasing the Steemish Crypto Currency!

Let’s Look At A Quick Overview Of STEEMISH.

    • How Does Steemish Have Value?

    Much like other digital alt currencies Steemish is built on an immutable blockchain. It is actually built using the ERC-20 Protocol And Built on The Ethereum BlockChain which is a distributed blockchain. We know that there are a few things that effect the value of any crypto-currency.  One thing for sure is that the value is subjective. I personally would not buy a digital bitcoin that has zero tangible value or emotional value for anywhere near the price it is at now. However, there are others that find value in it. Each person will find value in a crypto currency differently.

    Some things that effect value like supply and demand for instance we can control somewhat. We decided to make a 4 year plan that you can read about in the full white paper that involves the community and growth of the community and we capped the amount of Steemish Tokens that will be created during this time to 10,100,000. After The First Year Of Distribution The Supply Will Continue To Become Less And Less Over Time.

    There is a store of value component to every cryptocurrency at some level. Steemish traded under the symbol Stish, has been guaranteed to never be sold below $1 USD by the primary holder which is after the Initial ICO event. Left-over tokens will be listed for sale at $1 usd or above if the exchange value rises. We are not in this to make millions and leave everyone holding a bunch of worthless tokens. We have a long term vision and would love to see everyone prosper if possible. There are tokens set-aside for marketing, future development costs, and founders fees all detailed in the white paper. Crypto Currency Tokens Have Risk. They are not for investment purposes though some do seem to be used that way.

    There will only be 7 million Steemish Tokens Available During The ICO Steemish Event. With the ridiculous early bird/angel participants and the other varied discounted rates there will be ample margins that can be taken advantage of once a formal exchange is set-up. Which most of the early funds received will go to setup such an exchange. We will invest 50% Of The Funds Raised From The ICO Into The Community Curation Accounts. This will help drive the price of Steem up and also help each holder of Steemish get curated when the upvote bots have enough power. Think of 6 community upvote bots with one million Steem power combined upvoting everyone that is in the community! Would you pay to join a group like this? I know I would. Steemish at some point will be required for membership at If people want in they will need to buy some STISH.

    Steemish Is Built Around A Social Network. This Alone Adds Value Especially When The Network Helps Users Earn Rewards From Steemit and I personally would like to put 50% of all funds raised from the ICO into an Escrow account to help stabilize markets by hiring a market maker manager. Then Put 40% Toward Development And Rapid Growth with 10 Percent going to compensate the Founder for 6 months worth of work and a 4 year commitment to running the project. If we were to sell all of the 7 Million Steemish That Would Make Me The Lowest Paid ICO successful startup ever. This isn’t about just me and my small team this is much bigger than just us. Of course after the ICO event we still have 30% Steemish in reserves for Marketing, Future Dev Costs, Rewards Pool Funding and Founders Fees which cannot be sold for 6 months as they will not be distributed until summer of 2018.

    The trick will be to have something so amazing like powerful bots, the best guides and tricks, the best community of supporters, the best tools your ICO money can build, bigger better more equitable rewards, so that people are knocking at the door to get in!  But to get in they have to have Steemish. To get Steemish (STISH) you have to buy it from someone that owns it. Since there is a limited supply then supply and demand will determine the value. Will Dominate The Go To Space For Steemians!

    • How Will Steemish Make An Impact?

    The real supplemental impact is huge for Steemit. Quality Writers That Might Not Be Earning What They Should Might Stick Around Until They Gain Followers And Support And helps bring that together on a human level. The impact on people world wide is huge. Many people that have access in undeveloped parts of the world can earn more from writing articles than carrying guns for their military. Steemish in this respect helps resolve world conflicts, starvation and education concerns of many under developed nations. But what about developed nations? That is the great thing about it is equitable with it’s rewards system. Everyone receives the same rewards no matter if you are black, white, Asian, Indian, Mexican, Male or Female, Religious or Non- Religious, tall or skinny, old or young rich or poor. The system is very fair.

    There are many people that I have met over the last few months that were beyond grateful for the upvotes they received from not just from the auto curation services and the @steemthat bot on steemit but from the community. One thing that @pandorasbox on Steemit contributed which was huge, was the idea of rewarding those that purchase Steemish tokens to also have access to our Auto Curation services. So not only do you get a Steemish for your participation but you get some rewards on the back side also that can help offset your Participation.

    One way we could do this is by allowing members of who buy Steem That Tokens to get the same ICO rates as those that participate in the ICO off the website. So members could purchase 100 Steem That Tokens for SBD, STEEM, ETHEREUM, BTC, USD through our existing market place. They could exchange those purchased tokens for STEEMISH at the same $ for $ rate. So currently 4 Steem That Tokens are required for 1 Steemish. If They Were Purchased During The 50% Discount Period You Would Only Need 2 Steem That Tokens To Get 1 Steemish! At 75% you could get 1 Steemish for 3 Steem That Tokens. This is for members only of course. This would allow for a quick boost to the curation specialists.

    Those That Purchase  Steemish This Way Could Be Entitled To Be Added To The Curation Specialist Accounts. We have 6 who look for their favorite authors posts and upvote them when they have enough power. The other great Idea was to allocated 50% of the revenue from Steemish Token participation for Steem Power Purchases To Build The Auto Curation Accounts Up For Future Rewards To Everyone In The Community. We will also potentially remove the pay per upvote bot and place into the auto curation service also. This is smart as it would free up more of my time to focus on growing the community instead of running a bot service. The auto curation service runs itself once names are added. We run it on AWS EC2 instance in case you were wondering. To Be A Part Of This Revolution You Will Need To Follow The Buying Steem That Tokens Guide In The Link Below Then Trade Them For Steemish! When you purchase Steemish any other way you will need to message bionic binkley for directions on getting your Steemit account whitelisted for the curation services.

    We Fell In Love With Steemit And Want To Make It A Better Place For Our Members. Many who are excellent writers and vastly underpaid! Join In The Fight Now!


We Had 3 Goals In Mind While Building and Steemish!

One Goal Was To Build A Social Media Platform that users could easily use. It should allow members to form groups and make friends and send messages like a real social media platform. With the social media platform users can actually interact with each other like they would on facebook or twitter. They can write on each others stream/wall/timeline feed and private message. Users can use the groups to form niche communities where they can share ideas and build bonds around things they have in common. Users of can write articles that help grow the community. Members Earn Rewards Points For Doing Work. Unlike other platforms with obscure or misleading rewards tables, publishes exactly what each task earns.

The strongest and fastest method to help disseminate a cryptocurrency is its community. By tokenizing our in house rewards system we will be putting the cryptocurrency into the hands of many not just a few at the top. Members will be able to trade their rewards tokens for the Real World Block Chain Cryptocurrency STEEMISH traded with the symbol STISH.

Many members are lovers of wants to actually create the place they talked about but after 2 years and millions of dollars, still have not developed. Steemit is great but misses the whole social aspect of social media. Everything you want to do must be done on a separate websites. has written hundreds of how to guides trying to help new members figure out Steemit with almost zero support from those we were sending volumes of traffic. There are literally hundreds of websites and tools surrounding Steem and the blockchain and it takes months to grasp all of the concepts. It’s Almost Too Complicated For The Average Person.


One of the ways that we have been able to surpass the competition in a quarter of the time with far less team members and funding is by using a hybrid build model. We use many traditional centralized components to help run the social media platform and rewards system. These tools are already available and with cloud computing and cdn this allows to be scaleable where as systems built purely on a blockchain often get burdensome and cumbersome and either break or slow down like a sloth….

FotoshopTofs / Pixabay was built more for the serious minded Steemit folks wanting to build long term strategic relationships and develop their individual or business brands. The social media platform of is impressive by itself and can be utilized for many purposeful business or pleasure uses. People are already forming awesome groups and recruiting members to those groups. The concepts and ideas that are being shared will help shape the whole Crypto Community one day. Many people enjoy the laid back atmosphere without all of the dings and annoyances of most of the 1990’s style chat services. is lean and cleanly designed on a popular web frame work that nearly 50% of all websites in the world today are built around. Launching The Crypto Token STEEMISH on the Ethereum blockchain to run alongside the community and allow members real world access to blockchain tokens was smart.

We have members using the platform that are brand new and members that have been around since day one. We saw a need for a place where people who love Steemit and Steem could come together and support each other.  There is a simple concept that once members embrace it and live by it can change their lives. When you help others grow you will grow! 

While searching on I would come across posts that were extremely well written. These posts would often explain something or shine light on an issue in such a way that you wanted to read more. Far too often these members were new and had few quality followers to support their posts. When someone worked for 4 hours or more to put together a solid masterpiece from a writers stand point and only earn 0.230 in upvotes my gut tells me they will not stick around long!

The sad thing is once high quality writers are gone, all that is left are a ton of crappy folks spamming with single pictures and no words time and time again draining the rewards pool. Solves This Issue By Rewarding A Select Few Members To Help Moderate Submitted Posts. By Having An Internal Centralized Control On The Rewards Flow And The Quality Of Content Created We Help Ensure Only The Finest Content Gets Created And Distributed. Who really thinks that a system that rewards spammers and plagiarizers over real people will sustain itself? Those that drain the rewards pool penalize honest hard working people who deserve way more than they are receiving for their efforts. With steemit and steem having an already huge learning curve for most people, we developed to be simpler and easier all of the way around. 

The Second Goal Was To Organize Data and Build Tools To Help Members Save Time.

When we started working on this project we thought it would be easy. Honestly I thought I would be done quickly. The amount of information that a new member must consume in order to be successful long term on Steemit is massive. Tracking all of this information down and organizing it isn’t an easy task at all. The real problem lies in culling out really old information that isn’t valuable any more because of hardforks. Since this data is locked into the blockchain it isn’t removable once it is no longer valid or outdated. This causes bloat for the blockchain and requires massive pruning. It also causes a plethora of disinformation and confusion.

Once I spent 12 hours setting up a Virtual Machine and walking through all kinds of steps to find out after I could not get things to work that Steem wasn’t mine-able. At least not in the way you would think. Many of the docs and how to guides that could help a new member do something with steemit are incomplete or would take a member down a rabbit hole so deep, they might commit suicide instead of climbing out! Yes, I just went there. Building so fast that there is not time for docs isn’t a very good excuse. The docs should be built as the code develops. 

The steemit docs for using and developing are terrible and disorganized beyond belief. Plus there are literally 100’s of tools that people have built that do different things or do not work at all anymore. There are many portals or ways to create different content types and add them to the block chain. Explaining each one of these with links and some basic how to guides would be a nice addition here. The amount of time to put together all of this is daunting. wishes to prune itself down further to the most essential tools and pages members need but keep 95% of all actions on site to keep a higher than average TOS number.

We did launch the publish to in an attempt to let members write about various topics but mainly to see if members could write how to guides and reviews on tools and apps for All of these articles do extremely well in the search engines as people are trying hard to find answers to their questions. One of the problems with Steemit and why organizing is so important is that users currently will spend far more time off the website looking for information on how to do something or see some data or find out what something is or does than they will contributing to the platform with comments, upvotes, follows and resteems. As develops and becomes more and more used we can reduce the amount of Steemit services exponentially and focus more on our own offerings, benefits and services.

Maybe I’m crazy but all websites live or die really because of user interaction and time on site. If all of your users are constantly distracted going somewhere else then that isn’t a solid plan. I think tools revolving around accessing data and displaying that data are essential. The more we write about them and even develop more of them the better. If we had the top tools that pretty much every Steemian needs daily on we would help more people than ever before. Defining these tools and developing them or partnering with others who have already developed them and having them hosted all in one spot makes sense. It might be best we build these from scratch but I think there are many tools like that are so solid already that there is no reason to reinvent the wheel. Some Tools essentially Replace 25 Others Which Is Really Nice. We should reach out and partner with folks and find a way to license their tools or get permission to launch a limited version of their tools with a link to the full version or something along these lines. If nothing else at least inform members of maybe the top 10 Steemit Tools You Need. Some might be happy to actually get some users as they will be discovered on easily.

This of course leads me to think that the portal is simply a proof of concept portal. Giving developers a sample of what could be done or how you would go about building a portal to interact with the blockchain. With the various portals popping up this appears to be the likely scenario. Essentially affiliate style marketing of the blockchain by other websites promoting it’s use. This is genius and I hope this is the ultimate plan. The more websites that are connected to the block chain bringing in new users ultimately at some point the higher the value of the Steem Crypto Currency.  Each entity serving a specific niche like dSounds handling music and Dtube videos and taking over the blogging platform.

This leaves having the unique traditional social media platform position that also rewards users with a blockchain token called Steemish for works performed. With the development of our own blogging and rewards system that is more equitable, we can have a small community that earn from both platforms while promoting the Steemish cryptocurrency.

The Third Goal Revolves Around Smart Media Tokens Or A BlockChain Based Token.

We have 3 primary goals and 3 phases of development to achieve these goals. We hope to have phase three ready by early 2018 or at least be ready to solely focus on Smart Media Tokens ( Steemit owns a blogging platform and has released zero information since the concept was first discussed nearly 6 months ago. We decided to protect members and Launch STEEMISH on the Ethereum Blockchain ).

I now understand why a social media platform like would be difficult and essentially a terrible idea to tie directly to the blockchain. From the social media side of things the amount of hashes required to properly store all of the data would be a nightmare. It could be done but it would not really be a scale-able thing. The reason for the 7 day lock out for editing anything has to be due with the way the block is finalized and stored in the chain. To make it truly immutable nothing in the block can be edited or changed without impacting the next blocks.

With a social media platform like the data base can be updated and changed constantly as it isn’t on the block chain. Nothing is going to break if you delete some words out of a wall post 10 days from now. We do have in place a loss of rewards for deleting things to prevent people from being able to earn rewards then delete. The exact how the steem block chain is doing what it is currently doing still alludes me. It is extremely powerful to do what it has done thus far and still maintain it’s speed. The more I learn about it and discover about it the more impressed I am with it from a technical perspective.

Where is heading at this point?

We are looking towards more integrations with the Steem Blockchain in the final development phase after the ICO STEEMISH EVENT. Some of these have already started taking shape. Many tools were built under phase one/two and will be cleaned up and many of the bugs worked out.

  • The steem delegation tool was added and is a working model of how to interact with the Steem Block chain in the future.
  • We launched the Publish to Steemit with our own basic user interface that we plan on building out more and making it more user friendly than any other tool for this purpose.
  • We think that we can integrate a comment, upvote follow feature from within for members of to keep them on our platform longer.
  • We already have a basis for a transfer feature which most need for interacting with the promotion bots on We can modify this to allow for a more secure way to make transactions happen.
  •  We already have a working example of a way we can display Posts from the Steem block Chain here… and this isn’t our only way. We also feed many of the existing portals data along with the steemit data feeds. I have toyed with the idea and we still might incorporate Steemit into members profiles as a stand alone page. This would allow members to work from on both platforms.
  • We are working on building a special Profile page built into the social media part of the website so that Members  Posts will display here. Once we get this point the front page gets redesigned to display posts submitted from Finished In Final Update 2017.
  • The SteemThat Platform is constantly improving with better transparency for the internal points system stats coming very soon.
  • We just launched the Shop/Store That Will In The Future Accept Tokens As A Form Of Payments Once The Markets Are Established. More Products Will Be Added In the Future And We Could Potentially Allow Members To Sell Their Designed Items As Well.
  • There is development being done to incorporate the Social Media Platform With The E-Commerce Store…Shhh don’t tell anyone..This will be huge.
  • A New And Improved Way To Buy Rewards Points SteemThat Tokens Is Under Way Also.
  • We are talking to developers about building a bridge to automate or semi automate the in house Rewards Points SteemThat Tokens exchange ability with Steemish the blockchain token. This will be the biggest hurdle but is doable.
  • Implement the auto curation investment of 50% of the amount of purchased fund for Steemish going toward growing these accounts. Users that participate in the event can have their Steemit user name added to the auto curation accounts list and when they have enough power they will upvote posts of our supporters. This is a huge idea and should be embraced by the community as we can grow much faster with this strategy.
  • Clean Up The Code And Look And Feel Of The Website For When We Are Not Beta Any More. just keeps growing and adding new members everyday.

Some come for the tools and reviews of tools and some come for the Community. The Members make up the community and we are adding bright and vibrant members from around the world. Putting some of the greatest minds to work to make your journey better. There are so many awesome features that can be taken advantage of by members that there are too many to mention them all. Here is a short list of the top things members do on

  1. They Join SteemThat and make some real friends and connections. They Join Groups And Share Ideas. Members can share their Steemit link Automatically to be curated by our community curators plus they can share with real people who can Upvote, Follow, Comment and Resteem.
  2. Making Friends And Real Connections Is At The Heart Of  Private Message Other Members Or Chat In The Community Feed And Get The Discussion Started. We recently found that Posts that are Upvoted, Followed, Commented On And Resteemed By As Few As 20 Accounts Seen More Natural Steemit Views. The SteemThat Community Should Be Able To Help Each Other Out With This.
  3. Groups Are The Key To Organize Like Minds. They Can Be Private Or Public. They can be niche specific.
  4. Tools And How To Guides Are hard to find on Steemit. You can search for days and never find what you actually need. We seen this problem with link after link in post after post that wasn’t valid or the tool wasn’t working anymore or the information was outdated. Tools that could be a part of Steemit but for some reason they do not integrate stuff that people really want or need…Like Who Followed You And Then Quit Or Muted.  (Now Added). These Tools are available and we write about them in the Blog.
  5. Some Tools We Have Created Or Been Loaned Are Very Helpful For Doing Some Tasks related To that just take up a lot of time doing manually. They are beta and we would love to make them even better so if you are an expert JS coder and want to help please message me. We think that putting a lot of the needed tools actually on one website instead of hundreds will help steemians save time and let them have more time for or or Even if we integrate the blockchain fully one day.

That leads us right into the Implementation Strategy for STEEMISH And Rewards.

We believe also that people should be rewarded for the contributions to a social network. We also believe that we can do this a little differently and still have great results.


To Test Some Ideas We Launched Our On Token Called The Steem That Token. It isn’t publicly traded and will only be used as an internal token among members of and for purchases of SteemThat related services and products. It will however at the end of a period be able to be traded with a real blockchain tokens called Steemish. We plan to launch Steemish as a stand alone BlockChain Token At The  Steemish Event Crowdfunding Launch in 2018. (We Have Launched STEEMISH With The Symbol STISH  and It Is Available For Early Bird Discounts)

What Are Steem That Tokens?

Steem That Tokens Are Like Points That You Can Buy Or Earn. These Tokens Give You Access To The Content On The Website. Members receive Steem That Tokens for when they perform tasks on the website. They can also buy tokens. These tokens are micro traded. Members can transfer them between each other fee free on the website. We plan on an exchange and a market place as there is an extremely limited supply of Steem That Tokens. We now have Liquid Steem That Tokens which users can exchange Exchange Steem That Tokens For Liquid Steem That Tokens.

Steemish Coins Being Forged

Steemish was developed on the Ethereum blockchain for the community.

Unlike A Traditional ICO Which might be considered Illegal in some areas of the world, Steemish Is A Token Event. Unlike Most High Risk ICO’s That Have Zero Development, Zero Testing, And Zero Guarantee They Will Even Launch, Steemish is tied to the small beta community This niche social network is super simple to use and will help solidify ongoing support for the fledgling token. Building a community around the crypto currency increases the success rate exponentially. There are zero guarantees of course but data is data right? Watch This Short Overview About Steemish Tokens.

Steemish along with SteemThat already have proven to be successful at recruiting and gaining active members. We have already tested the rewards structure and done our homework and over the last 6 months invested thousands of development hours into a rock solid social media platform that will make all others say, “Wish we had those features!”  We are literally light waves ahead of the competition and a sleeping Giant that has been awoken in the year 2018! 

Inspired in part by the social crypto STEEM and an old platform called Squidoo.. actually provides more than just a blogging platform. Nothing About It Is Scammy Or Mysterious. Everything Is Published And Open As It Should Be. provides a full social network that works hand in hand with the blogging platform. If you tried Steemit and thought it was just too hard and difficult to figure out then you’ll love which has made it super simple to start earning rewards for your social media activities. Read The Short And Sweet White Paper Now.

SteemThat rewards users with Steem That Tokens that are off the blockchain and is much like a traditional rewards points system. Users earn these tokens while performing work that they often do on other social media websites for free! I know it is crazy, they build wealth for huge corporations and get nothing in return.

Now with when members make friends, comment, write posts and messages they earn Steem That Tokens.

They can use these tokens for access to features within the website, trade with other members, or exchange them for Liquid Steem That Tokens. The best thing about Liquid Steem That Tokens is that when you acquire enough of them you can trade them for STEEMISH a real trade-able crypto currency token built on the Ethereum Block Chain.


There Will Only Be 120,000 Steem That Tokens Reward Points Issued In 2018. These Beta Tokens Can Be Traded For Liquid Steem That Tokens At A Rate Of 2 Tokens Per One Liquid. This Means That There Will Be 60,000 Liquid Steem That Available In 2018. These Will Be Allocated  At A Rate Of 10,000 Steem That Tokens Per Month To Be Rewarded To Community Members. This allows for a potential of 5000 Steem That Liquid Tokens Per Month To Be Exchanged For Steemish Tokens. The Rate Of Rewards Currently Is Published Here And Can Be Scaled As Needed For Deflation or Inflation. 2 Liquid Steem That Tokens Could Be Traded For 1 Steemish Ethereum Blockchain Built Tokens. (*We Still Need This Exchange Built Which Should Not Be Too Complex Or Expensive.)

With Our Current Beta Testing We Have Determined That We Would Potentially Need To Double The Issuance Of Steem That Tokens Every Year For 4 Years. This is depending on growth but is consistent with our estimated growth patterns. After 4 Years The Community Should Be Solidly Established And Voting Of All Holders Of The Tokens Can Be Done To Determine If There Will Be Future Rewards For Content Creators or Consumers Of The Website. There may not need to be any such further community commitments as the token should be well established by this point.

Steem That Tokens:

120,000 Year One Available Rewards Points.

240,000 Year Two Available Rewards Points.

480,000 Year Three Available Rewards Points.

960,000 Year Four Available Rewards Points.

*Tokens Not Consumed By The End Of The Calendar Year Will Be Burned!

Steem That Rewards Tokens

Liquid Steem That:

60,000 Year One Available For Exchange For Steemish

120,000 Year Two Available For Exchange For Steemish

240,000 Year Three Available For Exchange For Steemish

480,000 Year Four Available For Exchange For Steemish

*The Max Possible Would Be 550,000 Steemish Being Allocated For The Community Members Works. 

Liquid Steem That Rewards Tokens


What we would like to do is trade 2 Liquid Steem That Tokens For One Steemish Tokens. This Would Mean That If Everyone In Year One Traded Their Liquid Steem That Tokens Their Would Be A Max Potential For 30,000 Steemish To Be Available For Trade In The Exchanges. The Total Potential Available If None Were Traded Or Exchanged In Year Two Would Be 90,000 Steemish. At The End Of Year Three If None Were Exchanged In The First 2 Years The Max Potential of 210,000 Steemish Would Be Available For Exchange. At The End Of Year Four If No Liquid Steem That Tokens Had Been Exchanged Until The End The Max Potential That Could Be Exchanged  Would Equal A Total Of 550,000 Steemish.

Why Do You Need To Know That Number? Because That Number Is The Magic Number That Makes The Math Work For The Steemish Token. Let’s Look At The Chart Below And Then Look At The Total Number Of Steemish Tokens That Will Be Created On The Blockchain!

Steemish Chart Percentages (1)

The Social Media Platform Will Reward Users A Consistent Fair Published Rate For Their Work For A Period Of 4 Years. This will help build a community around the Steemish Token That Will Be Traded On Exchanges That Trade Ethereum. This Token Will Need To Be Mined Also.

The Amount Needed To Fullfill The Rewards Pool For 4 Years Worth Or Work At The Target Numbers Presented Was 550,000.

When We Add The Founders Vault of 1,000,000 Steemish to be divided equally among the founders and unable to be traded for 6 months, we have a total of 1,550,000 Steemish needed.

When We Add The Marketing Of 1,000,000 Steemish to be spent according to the marketing plan in the white paper we have a total of 2,550,000 steemish needed.

Next we add the future development costs of 5% which is small because we have developed so much on the front end already. We add the additional 500,000 to our existing 2,550,000 and we now have 3,050,000.

Add The Amount Of Steemish To Be Sold And We Now Have A Total Of 10,100,000 Steemish To Be Created.

Want To See The Code? Check Out Our Etherscan Here.

This is a small Crypto ICO at this point for Steemish. The white paper is coming soon with more details but this it the meat of it all. The white paper should also include the marketing plan and the overall concept of community development and rewarding early adopters during that critical time period. Why and How the small community is essential to stabilizing the Steemish Token during it’s infancy should also be included in the White Paper.

*This Is Not An Investment. This Is Not A Financial Instrument or Security or Bond. This is not an offer or promise of any financial gain or incentive. Road Map 2018

Launch ICO Steem That Roadmap

Don’t Miss Out On This One!

Buy SteemThat Tokens Or Buy Steemish BlockChain Tokens


We Have Chosen To Use Proof Management Platform For The Steemish Token Event!




Compatible Wallets

The following wallets should be compatible with Steemish:



Now We Are Going Places Is On The Move Even If Everyone Else Is Sleeping.

Most things Steemit are so overly complicated that I cringe when I have to go find docs to try to do something I do not already know how to do. I can spend weeks sifting through a pile of docs and never find or build a working solution. I’m hopeful their focus on this gets better in the future.

They often mention that is just another portal or way to access the Steem Block Chain. It is possible that there reasons for not developing out further is because that is not their real goal. is doing a great job with a frontend portal that has a lot of cool features that doesn’t have and honestly probably never will. to me was their testing to see if it could be done a.k.a.  Proof Of Concept. They proved it could be done, so now everyone can start building tools and apps and websites around the block chain. Just My Theory.

Steemish Coins Being Forged

Feel Free To Make Comments Below or Add Me As A Friend And Private Message Me, Join The Group and Let’s Talk. Here are how members are earning Steem That Tokens and the fee structure paid to members who perform work currently. This is very versatile and can be changed on the fly at any time and for any reason we deem needed to protect the Steem That Tokens. 

There are anti spam devices built in also and some other abuse features built in also. There are daily, weekly and monthly limits or caps that can be earned. Some things have less restrictions than others depending on the value that and members place on the work performed. It is similar to steemit but not really. There is no oppressive whales or dolphin picking on minnows and taking away their funds via flags or down-votes. We have talked about a no spam, plagiarism, or single stock photo with no text content post creators, being warned and then banned with a possibility of losing their earned tokens. I think this will prevent most of this type of stuff. Manually Approving Posts Is Critical Also To Keep High Quality Content. Much Like Squidoo Did Back In The Day. Moderators Will Be Rewarded For Their Works.

The works performed have values and are fixed not variable depending on how rich you are. Everyone gets a fair and equal stake based on fair and equal works performed. Everyone’s potential is controlled by their own work and abilities without limitations accept where needed to prevent abuse. Understanding The Actual Per User Value And Then Rewarding Users Based On Actual Performances Is A Novel Real World Business Concept That Will Be Tested With The Steem That Tokens and Hopefully One Day Steemish Steem Block Chain Tokens. (Update 2018: Steemish Now Exists On Ethereum!)


How much is a comment really worth right now and how much is it potentially worth in the future? 

Is there a formula for this? How would someone even begin to put a dollar value on this? How can I even be thinking about this right now when I write this article? Well this is all my mind has thought about for months and maybe even years. My brain is nothing more than an ultra sophisticated computer that I can control and program to do things.Once I realized the formula was much like Pi, I was able to see how much a single comment on a post was really worth.

So What Is The Answer…How Much Is A Comment really Worth Now And In The Future?

  1. It has been determined that the comment is always worth more if it happens than if it never does happen.
  2. The future value is always worth more than the present value and the past value as the past value never existed before creation of the comment. The present value is actually unknown but one has to assign a number to get started much like the genesis block.
  3. No currency can truly define the value of a comment now or in the future. To arbitrarily assign value or attempt to assign value to things that should never be assigned value, yet be freely expressed and freely received, is ludicrous. However, There are costs to hosting data and content and distributing that content. 
  4. The Actual Value Of A Comment Must Be Understood As All Of The Pieces That Make Up The Circle.
  5. The Social Media Platform, The Blogging Platform, The Rewards Points, The Ad Revenues, The Shop/Store Sales, The Steemish Token Sales, The Value Provided To Members Life, The Friendships Made Because Someone Commented, The Groups Formed Because Someone Said, “Thank You For Posting……”
  6. Comments Are Central To The Life And Growth Of The Platform.

What Motivates Me To Try And Change The Lives of Thousands Of People? It truly is just a labor of love for humanity. Plus, Eventually I Want To Start An Education Revolution By Putting A Group Of World Renowned History Scholars Together To Accurately Record Historical Events From Around The World On An Immutable Blockchain So That History Will Not Be Forgotten. Want you join me?



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