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Now that you can exchange your Steem That Tokens and Steem That Liquid For A Real Block Chain Token Called Steemish You Might Want To Have More Ways To Earn Them Than Writing Articles And Comments And Using The Social Media Platform. This Information Faucet Can Help You Learn While you Earn!


Here are the rules you can earn Steem That Tokens and Steem That Liquid By Clicking The Link With The Text That Says,“I Love” It Will Be Found Within The Ads Below. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that give you free Tokens…

I Love

There are not any other Faucets For SteemThat Tokens. This is the only one that might ever exist. We know that not everyone loves writing articles or comments on posts. Some just want to be rewarded for reading others posts or viewing advertisements. Hey we sometimes come to the faucet also just to hang out for a moment. How cool would it be to one day build a chat service around the faucet so that you could still stay connected while you earn your Steem That Tokens.

We Think It Is A Great Idea and Can Help You Have A Great 2018! I Love . Keep In Mind That You Can Only Earn $1 whole Steem That Token Per Day Here. So You Can Click The Special I Love Steem That Links 100 X per day and then that is it. We currently have it set to give users a wide open faucet with 0.01 SteemThat tokens earned for each full page load and scroll. It’s best to wait about 15 seconds at min between clicks or it might not count.

This is our big splash page and one way we are able to support the steady growth we have been able to achieve.
We are thankful that we have a lot of members who are interested in crypto currency and crypto currency mining and earnings. Many people that use I Love earn their rewards tokens when they write articles which pays out well. The content has to be original as their are MOW’s that manually approve your posts. MOW’s can earn Steem That Tokens by performing works also. Moderators Of Work verify the integrity of content created. We have considered implementing this manual system just for blog posts that are published.

The community can already help control community spam by flagging the comments. There are no rewards for letting the MOW’s know about spam but it is appreciated. The system was designed to actually take rewards tokens away from members without notification for spamming comments or plagiarized posts. It is one of the only automated bots we have here. It makes zero comments, no noise and does an excellent job.

In my early days I almost went broke and many might remember me going to everyone profile and adding my link to a new page….Yikes it almost wiped me out of SteemThat Tokens… DON’T SPAM IT ISN’T WORTH IT!

Sometimes in the faucet page you will come across a special liquid steem that tokens drip. Liquid Steem That Tokens are more valuable because the total supply is exactly half the total supply of Steem That Tokens. Both Can Be Exchanged For STEEMISH now…

It takes 4 Steem That Tokens And A Minimum Of 40 Steem That Tokens To Request An Exchange For Steemish. 4 Steem That Tokens Will Get You Exactly 1 STEEMISH Block Chain Token. Once You Have STEEMISH there currently is no way to convert it back yes. So Be Sure You Know What You Are Doing.
I Love
Steem That Liquid Can Be Exchanged For STEEMISH Block Chain Tokens at a Rate Of 2 Liquid Steem That Tokens Per STEEMISH. They Also Have A Minimum Amount You Must Have Before Exchanging Them For STEEMISH… To Exchange Liquid You Must Have 20 or more.

When Someone Loses Tokens What Happens To The Tokens?

Steem That Tokens And Steem That Liquid Actually Get Put Back Into The Central Banking System Rewards Pool. So if a member starts spamming and they lose all of their tokens it actually rewards other members because their is now more rewards in the community pool. If a member with a large amount of Steem That Tokens or Liquid Steem That Tokens were to delete their account this would also increase the Rewards Pool.

The rewards are fixed but in an event like this we could momentarily increase rewards pool for certain tasks that are very valuable to the community such as commenting and writing quality content posts. With the internal rewards pool essentially being a large faucet that can slowly over time spread out the STEEMISH TOKENS to a vast amount of potentially creating a lot of future demand to trade Steemish tokens. The addictive nature of social media and earning rewards can be a great thrill. This is why so many have been joining I Love and I think why we will keep growing and one day do some pretty awesome things for everyone. Nothing happens over night. It will take as much as 4 years for the community to get fully established and enough STEEMISH to be in circulation to have a demand unless we go viral with some great content.
Steemish tokens are built on the Ethereum Block Chain and if you lose them they are lost forever. There will only be 10,100,000 created and no more can be created according to the smart contract. If we were to get so big that we needed more than that then we would need to have a hardfork and create more STEEMISH and purchase all of the Old Steemish at the market rate by allowing holders of the old token to send them to the new contract within a time period to exchange them for the New STEEMISH token. This would only be done by a majority vote of members.

How do you exchange Steem That Tokens For Steemish Tokens?

Don’t you just love my educational faucet! Ok so this is actually pretty easy if you already have an Ethereum wallet that is ECR20- compatible…Not sure what that is you might want to look it up on wiki of a popular search engine first. If you are sure what that is like meta mask or one of these:

After ICO We Will Not List Below $1 USD...Very Limited Supply!
I Love

Compatible Wallets
The following wallets should be compatible with Steemish:

MyEtherWallet (no download needed)
MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon)
Mist (Desktop)
imToken (iPhone)
imToken (Android)

It will be fairly easy to exchange Steem That Tokens or Liquid Steem That Tokens For Steemish. You will simply send the amount of Steem That Tokens or Liquid STT to @steemthat using the transfer app here on If you don’t see it then it is probably under tools or buy tokens. We try to keep it in one of the side bars on most pages. You will want to add just your Ethereum wallet address to the memo. Steem That nor MOW’s are responsible for you not entering the correct wallet address.

The Tokens are non-refundable so once you make the transfer that is it. We will try to send you a link to Etherscan so that you can follow the pending transfer Of STEEMISH either via a reply to your Steem That Tokens or Via Email. We want Steemish to be spread around to as many members as possible so that one day there is a wonderful ability to trade them on popular exchanges. Since they are so limited and we have made a guarantee that we will not list any tokens under $1.00 unless it is an ICO type event early birds will have a favorable advantage or at least should have.

There Are No Guarantees.

The team has done a lot of work. Now it is up to you to see that we have a bright future together. It is up to you to talk about us on social media platforms like twitter, facebook and Steemit. Feel free to use graphics you find on the website to promote with. Most you can right click and download and then upload somewhere else. Writing favorable articles about the platform is a start. We will keep developing the website and the brand and as we can afford will advertise also. People should be earning something for writing and their time. This is one way to get rewarded and we have made it pretty easy with out in-house tokens. Once people learn more about crypto and people start writing great how to guides about using the website and Steemish it will be a great day!

Why Another Platform?
Some people have asked and my answer is very long and can be seen on several steemit posts. Competition is healthy. We do things way differently here. I’m taking a slow and steady wins the race for everyone not just a few at the top approach. Sure you can catch fire and flash sale every token available over night but slow and steady builds greatness. Learning from our mistakes is one reasonI Love

The larger secret reason is that as Steem develops faster than we can develop for their platform. Many of our tools for Steemit are becoming obsoleted. They have taken some great ideas and made them WOW! Over time many of our tools have faded away and many more will fade away as tools get better and better and large teams are working on projects. We will be left with being the go to source for tips and tricks on how to use Steemit, plus the social media platform. This is not a bad thing just not my original vision. Had Jerry’s plan for a community pool of funds for small developers with big ideas been approved maybe we could have hired a large team and beat some people to the punch.

One way I see us staying viable long term is to have a similar competing platform that is also complimentary. Some of the integrations with Steemit and the blockchain are yet to come. I would love to see in everyone”s profile more information like recent Steemit posts. I would like to see the ability to upvote, comment, resteem from Steem That just as if you were on Steemit or another platform. I would also like to see The SteemThat platform continue to develop and grow. We can be supportive and community oriented while building an alternative stream for members. We feel that members should be reward while on our website too. Unlike most apps and websites that take a percentage of your posts upvote amounts as pay without your consent or understanding, Is More True To The Steemit Original White Paper Than Many Apps Currently Running On It Today!

So We Build A Community Around A 4 Year Plan Of Growth. We Set Goals And Develop Within Those Time Frames Consistently. We help steemians grow without a doubt. So many thank yous have poured in… When you look at our facebook page with a plethora of likes when compared to the amount of members we have it is amazing. The same is true on other platforms where we are growing by leaps and bounds. Steem That is about the slow and steady race and actually helping people along the way.

Take A Moment To Learn More About Steemish AKA STISH… Looking For The White Paper?

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