Steem That Exchange

Let’s Trade Some Steem That Rewards Tokens

Now You Can Trade Steem That Rewards Tokens For Stish. See Below!


Exchange Your Steem That Tokens!

(Soon we will make some changes to the way we process Stish exchanges. Hopefully soon after we can finish development of an Automated Direct Stish rewards platform! We are excited about these possibilities.)

5 Steem That Tokens = 1 Stish Currently.

*Exchange Rates May Change So Check Here Before Submitting.

Minimum Threshold To Request Exchange:

250 Steem That Tokens = 50 Stish

Stish tokens are built on the ERC-20 Ethereum Block Chain. Ethereum Wallets Must Be ECR-20 Compatible To Receive Stish. There are no refunds. Be Sure You Have The Correct Ethereum Address. Be Sure You Have Added Your Compatible Ethereum Wallet To Your Profile. 

Use The Form Below To Request For Exchange. Most Requests Are Processed Within 48 Hours. Need An Ethereum Wallet Address? Read This How To Guide. Now With Videos!