Steem That Exchange

Let’s Trade Some Tokens For Some Liquid….One Day Maybe We Will Be Able To Trade Liquid For Other Crypto Currencies or Maybe We Will Have To See How Things Mature. This is the current rates for testing in beta.

Steem That Liquid:

Steem That Tokens:

We will be developing in 2018 A Similar Automated Exchange That Will Allow Members Who Reach Certain Thresholds To Exchange Their Steem That Tokens & Steem That Liquid Into Steemish the real world blockchain token built on Ethereum traded under the symbol STISH.

4 Steem That Tokens = 1 Steemish
2 Liquid Steem That Tokens = 1 Steemish

Minimum To Send:

40 Steem That Tokens = 10 Steemish
20 Liquid Steem That Tokens = 10 Steemish

Steemish Are Currently Not Able To Be Traded Back And Converted Into Steem That Tokens. We Will Be Working On Building The Exchange For This To Happen In 2018.
Steemish is built on the ERC-20 Ethereum Block Chain. Ethereum Wallets Must Be ECR-20 Compatible To Receive STEEMISH. There are no refunds. Be Sure You Have The Correct Ethereum Address.

Send Your Steem That Tokens Or Liquid Steem That Tokens To @steemthat with your wallet address in the Memo. These are great to HODL for now. We are working on getting them listed on exchanges so that you could trade the tokens. See The White Paper.

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