News That SteemThat along with Stish Wins Award For User Of The Month On The Radex Exchange!

When we first learned about this news we were blown away. We are doing some great things and we all as a community should be proud of our collective accomplishments. As we continue to get recognized for great achievements. You can see the award on Rades:

Why are awards like this important?

The main reason to me is to gauge our progression of activity across platforms. Recently I publish a chart of our growth provided by our google console. Let me share it again for those that missed it.

The above chart shows the start of the platform and the indexed pages on the search engine google. These pages get created and indexed because of a lot of hard work by the Steemish Teamish and Writers that post to SteemThat. I hope to see these numbers well into the 10,000’s and potentially 100,000’s by the end of 2018!

We Have Some Great Things Going On!

You Better Hodl That Stish!

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