Steem That Affiliates

New Affiliate Portal

There are no cash rewards. Rewards are paid out in Stish equivalents based off of market pricing or our lowest recent sales price. For instance. If Stish is trading at $0.25 USD and your commissions are $2.50 USD then you will receive 10 Stish. You must have an ERC-20 Ethereum Wallet Address to participate.

The wallet address in your account is generally the one we will send your Stish to unless noted otherwise. There is a minimum of $100 Equivalent Commission $ to request Stish payouts. Currently will cover the transfer fees for affiliate commissions only. This is subject to change depending on market transfer rates. This is a limited time offer. We will build a request form or Automatically convert once the threshold is met. (waiting on feedback from members)

Refer people who purchase products in the store to earn commissions on sales.