Steem Flea Market Sample

Steem Flea Market Sample Please Copy And Paste And Fill In The Information Or Build Your Own And Include This Information.

Pictures Help And A Realistic Price Does Too!

steem flea marktet sold

Item Title:

Short Description:

Add your photos:

Shipping Methods:


Minimum Upvote Amount To Trigger Random Giveaway:

Minimum Comment SBD Bid:

Buy Now Price:

The Rules: Most Set 90% redistribution to commentators or upvoters if it doesn’t sell, make the giveaway threshold, or meet the reserve bid.


You Can Do It Multiple Ways:

  • “Upvote Lottery Style Give Away If The Up-vote Meets The Minimum” offering style which we will simply call “UPVOTE GIVEAWAY.”
  • The second style of offering your goods and services is a bidding Auction-Style post. This is the simplest thing ever. People can start their offer at 1.000 SBD and use comments section to bargain.

Want To Learn More See The Official Post:


If you are doing buy now and someone offers to buy please add this Graphic To Your Post When It Sells…

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1 month ago
the dawn thanks for providing the opertunity.
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