Steem Flea Market Guide

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Here’s a quick copy and paste version to help you design your offer post properly (this is for the description field):

SELLER: @YourSteemItName

Item Title:

Short Description:

Add your photos:

Shipping Methods:


Minimum Upvote Amount To Trigger Random Giveaway:

Minimum Comment SBD Bid:

Buy Now Price:

Things to remember:

70% redistribution to commentators or up-voters if the item doesn’t sell, make the giveaway threshold, or meet the reserve bid. 20% to the seller/poster and 10% for @steemfleamarket from the total payout at the end of a 7 day period. It’s a WIN WIN WIN system loyal to our vision of Equal Reward Distribution approach to doing things here on steemit.

This article says  it best….

As, always looking for suggestions from the community and are continuously working on implementing new ideas to improve this service. Steemians built it and they will continue to build it to make#STEEMFLEAMARKET the best buy/sell/giveaway experience on the STEEM blockchain.

Here Is A List Of Hashtags and links to the display pages for easy browsing..

USA  #steemfleamarket-usa  –
France #steemfleamarket-france  –
Australia #steemfleamarket-aus  –
Steem Flea Market #steemfleamarket –
Korea  #steemfleamarket-kr  –
Germany #steemfleamarket-germany  –
India #steemfleamarket-india  –
Philippines #steemfleamarket-ph   –
Japan #steemfleamarket-japan  –
UK #steemfleamarket-uk  –

Canada #steemfleamarket-canada   –

More Coming Soon!



This Page Can Help You With Creating Posts For The Steem Flea Market And For Submitting Posts To Steemit From Here.

The Number One Question People Often Have Is: How To Add An Image With Markdown?

![Add Your Alt Tag Here](Add Your Image Link Here. It Might Look Like This:

What If You Would Like To Make The Image Clickable As A Link To Another Website?

 [![Add Your All Tage Here](](Add The Link Here. It Might Look Like This:

Here is a what a working link should look like:

[![The Best Picture Ever](](

What About Some Other Markdown Stuff You Might Need? Let’s Look At Some Common Things You Need To Format A Post Properly.
For Headlines Use:

# This is an h1 tag
## This is an h2 tag
### This is an h3 tag
#### This is an h4 tag
##### This is an h5 tag
###### This is an h6 tag

To Make Text Italic Or Bold Or Both Try This:

*This text will be italic*
**This text will be bold**
***This text will be bold and italic***

Do you just need to add a link? No Problem:

 [Take Me To The Flea Market](

Ever Wanted To Make A Simple Table Or A Side By Side Listing?

Posting Country: | Shipping:
------------ | -------------
USA | Snail Mail With In The Country Only

Listing Type: | Upvote Amount Or Minimum Bid Or Buy Now Price:
------------ | -------------
Give Away Style  | Minimum Upvote Amount

 Images:  | Description:
------------ | -------------
Add Image Links  | Content

More Coming Soon!

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