Joe Arpaio the beleaguered former Sheriff of Arizona has thrown in his hat for the senate seat which is being vacated by jeff flake. Arpaio is not a stranger to derisive battles having been a staunch supporter of ending illegal immigration for 24 years while holding the Sheriff position. He has shown himself as a tough firebrand and a no nonsense figure.

He has meet strong opposition from the past democratically controlled administrations but he has endured. His last bout was being convicted of ignoring a federal court order in a racial profiling case but he was pardon by our sitting President.


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Eric Binkley This is interesting. He is getting up in age but could maybe help turn some things around.
2 months ago
Eric Binkley It would be nice to have some younger folks 30-45 maybe.
2 months ago
Eric Binkley Good honest people that have a backbone are hard to come by. To build a real future we do need some youth that have some balls and political ability to stand up and fight for their country.
2 months ago
outwalking Yeah, my sentiments exactly. The country is doomed if there is no change. I lift my drink to your astute comment.
2 months ago
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