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The Top 5 Things Users Do On SteemThat.com

  • Using the SteemThat social platform, members can truly connect with each other. Members write on their wall/stream and share news about their posts, their trades, their lives. Members share tips and knowledge about using Steemit.com to get rich beyond your wildest dreams! (results not typical and will vary.) Members private message each other in a professional business environment. There are no bots here so you know you are chatting with real folks.
  1. To Get Started You Will Need To Create An Account It Is Fast And Simple: Join Now
  2. To Get Access To Everything You Will Need To Complete Your Profile: visit MY PROFILE
  3. Dive Right In And Make Your First Post To Your Stream In The: Social Portal Feed
  4. Want to write blog posts and earn some Steem That Tokens? Publish Posts Now.
  5. Want To Make Some Friends? Check Out: Members List
  6. The Most Popular Way To Get Connected: Join A Group
  7. Already Have Friends… Want To Message Them And Say Hello?
  • Get insider information to take advantage of loop holes that can take you from zero to hero in no time. We are constantly uncovering top secret info about Steemit and we share it with you in our blog and also in the social media platform. Never miss out on knowing things that you would otherwise never know about! We have articles about 3rd party tools that WHALES DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE! 


  • Members Use The AutoShare Feature To Get More Up-votes Guaranteed! We all know that there are a few things that take a post from nothing to hundreds or thousands in steemit post rewards! Upvotes are obviously a part of it but you also need comments and resteems to push your posts to the top. There are also some ways to make this happen that I can’t even talk about here for fear that I might get taken out! The AutoShare Feature is for members only! It allows members to quickly see each others posts and get rid of all the unwanted crap. When you help each other grow you help yourself grow!


  • Relax and Rest Their Minds Around People That Understand Exactly What You Are Going Through.  We have all been there. We Screwed Up And Send 100 Steem to the wrong freaking account and the guy is a total Butt Wipe and will not send the funds back! It happens and sometimes you need a place to chill, play some games, Complain off the freaking blockchain! Everything you write, YES everything you write on Steemit is indestructible essentially. Sometimes you are better off blowing off some Steam about Steem at https://SteemThat.com. 

One Day We Will Be A Powerhouse In The Crypto Currency World!

You Win In So Many Different Ways That We Would Need To Build A Separate Website Just To List Them All!

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