Quality Content Verification Upvote Bot On Steemit

It is highly likely that @binkley is one of the first of its kind.

POST UPDATE: @binkley now only curates for members of SteemThat.com that use the auto share tool. @steemthat is the only Promotion Upvote Bot That We Run. This bot does have the same quality verification checks to avoid voting on spam.

Steemit is a great blogging platform and sometimes when you write an excellent post it is hard for others to find it and decide if they should cast an upvote for your excellent steemit post. Since a person can only cast about 20 worth while upvotes per day before their power drops and their upvotes are worthless people have kinda become stingy with their upvotes. One way for people to know that a Steemit post is worthy or not is if an intelligent upvote bot alerts them. That is just what Bionic @binkley can do.

Bionic Binkley Steemit Quality Post Checker

When you see Bionic @binkley upvoting a post you know that it has been checked for quality and deserves more upvotes. The post isn’t spam or just another crap article. 90% of the spam and junk posts on steemit never use upvote bots because they cost money to use them. This eliminates most of the spam right from the start. Spam is kinda subjective and junk posts certainly are also.

@binkley uses special coding to try and decided if a post is worthy or not. If you send SBD to get your post checked and you do not receive an upvote but you feel like your post is real quality and deserves it you can always comment on any post by @binkley asking for help. Additionally you can contact us through this website or on twitter or facebook. Most people with junk content will not risk losing their money which is good news for you.

When your high quality post created on Steemit is submitted to @binkley to get verified it is very powerful. People that use this service know that it is worth a lot more than the nominal fee for verification. You also receive an upvote that usually offsets your cost for verification. Other Steemians Know Your Post Is Worth Their Upvote.

One day I’m hopeful that the SteemThat.com community that is forming will be able to support any post they see with an upvote from SteemThat or Binkley. Everyone that uses the services also support other users of the services and we all keep growing and growing into the whales we know we can become!




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