Police Can Request DNA Without Consent


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Lately DNA testing services have been advertising to test your DNA so you can more accurately determine your lineage / ancestry. I understand why people are interested in their heritage and would like to find out more information regarding their past history. Unfortunately I don’t think these people are aware of what this information can and most likely is being used for. A similar case is when people provided their family tree information along with photos to facebook. If you have followed what has been going on with facebook you will realize providing this information that appears to be innocuous ultimately comes back to bit you. Once it is posted, it is too late to take it back.

Police can in the event you are suspected (not indicted) of a crime or if you have a warrant, they can request access to your DNA profile from both Ancestry and 23andMe websites. I believe 23andMe says it doesn’t comply with such requests but why would you take the chance?

In addition, police can request information on your relatives that can provide them information about you in a circuitous fashion.

In summary, you PAY these companies to process your DNA and willingly provide them with a sample. Now you just made some of your private information public. I don’t follow the logic. In the case of the facebook user they volunteer this information so they are a little more frugal but also foolish. Are you aware of some news stories where people applied for a job and were told that they got the job only to be let go a short time later because their employer found something deleterious on their facebook page?

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