One Of My Favorite Tools For Steemit

Steemit is gaining in popularity and there are more and more tools available.

Some of the steemit tools are just ok while others are really useful and function well and display the data elegantly. Sometimes you can’t judge a book by its cover and the data you might find using an ugly tool is priceless.  I have noticed that many of the developers have almost zero front end design skills but that is ok.

I have learned to look past it usually and realize that they are building tools for speed and accuracy not necessarily looks but performance. Many of these tools are used by other developers so not a lot of effort is put into the design for the end user experience. Also who knows which tools will be needed by who and for how long? The old saying keep it simple stupid is being applied a lot for sure.

One tool that is a must have if you are planning to do steemit full time is the dead follower tool built by @mynameisbrian. Here is a recent screen shot of my dead follower list for @binkley on steemit.

Steemit Dead Followers Tool


What I love most about the dead followers tool is that the design for the end user is clean and so easy to use.

There is no 10 page guide in order for you to learn how to use this helpful steemit tool. Simply enter your steemit user name or a friends and hit GO.

The Logo Design Is Very Cool Too. I would love to add it to this blog post so people know they are in the correct spot when they arrive but I do not have permission as of yet to use any of his graphics. I prefer to ask for permission when using someone’s artwork.

The Next Great Thing About The Dead Follower Tool

Is that it helps you learn who is active and who is non active out of your followers. There is nothing worse than sending a lot of thank you messages and 0.001 sbd to everyone of your followers to find out that only half of them are active. Though if you get a lot of bad followers it might make you sad but at least you will know why maybe your posts have not been getting a lot more upvotes. Your content might be great but you just need to grow more real followers. You can do it. I know it and you do to.

This is the first tool that I have written about mainly because I love it! Please Share In The Comments Below….How Many Dead Followers Do You Have?


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