Earlier today I did a post on steemit outlining mccabe’s stepping down but since then I came across further information. According to an article from allnewspipeline.com, mccabe’s actions came after FBI Director Christopher Wray read the four page memo that has been floating around congress.


We still are in the dark as to what is contained in this memo but rumor has it that it exposes abuses at the highest levels of the DOJ and the FBI. Based on mccabe’s sudden departure, the memo must have some validity.

There was some speculation that if mccabe was terminated all control over him becoming a loose cannon (such as comey) may arise. Instead, he is being isolated from the department so he can’t do any damage in an official capacity. The put him on ‘terminal leave’, the bad part is that he remains on the payroll. As I noted in the earlier post, mccabe appears to be trying to finagle he’s way into leaving with full retirement by using his vacation time to extend his employment. What may (hopefully) happen is that after charges are brought against him in March, they will official terminate him before he can be eligible for a full pension.

Meanwhile comey has retained counsel and coincidentally the person whom he retain is the same one he admitted to ‘leaking’ his memos that he wrote after meeting with Trump. Another day, another scandal comes to light.

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